A mild-mannered guy who is engaged to a monstrous woman meets the woman of his dreams, and schemes to find a way to be with her.

The movie centers on a meek and lovable milquetoast who is married to an overbearing, overweight tyrant finds his life turned upside down when he meets the woman of his dreams and schemes to find a way to be with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler R (gb) wrote: I really liked it. One of my favorite tom hanks movies. Was beautifully acted and had a very good script and good dialogue. Very solid cast of characters. Was very suspenseful and tense. Great movie.

Keri W (jp) wrote: I just happened upon this documentary and couldn't help but notice that many of the "splat" ratings are from women critics. Am I surprised? No. Does it disgust me? Absolutely. I am working on a play called Glass in my Eyes. As a woman artist, it never surprises me when women screw each other over in the name of... I have no idea what. The fact that audiences are a full 23% above the critics says it all. ANONYMOUS women don't have to pander or adjust their non-existent balls.

Anastasia (nl) wrote: Lessens on jokes (11, 13) TO OWN, ON CRACKLE?

Cooper H (nl) wrote: Gremlins is fun and charming. Gizmo is as lovable a side character monster as ever.

Adam R (ca) wrote: A gritty Western that serves up some revenge. Clint Eastwood does a masterful job of acting out his role of the stranger. It wasn't a bad movie, but it was a little rough around the edges for me. (First and only viewing - 4/30/2016)

Casey S (es) wrote: While certainly clever and original, the writing and execution aren't quite up to the mark. P.S. If you're American, you'll quickly learn not all words in English are understandable. Turn on your subtitles.

Carson G (fr) wrote: Van Damme kicks so much ass. I absolutely idolized him. I would pretend our sofa cushions were Chong Li and kick the crap out of them.