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Noroît torrent reviews

John T (gb) wrote: Ultra ultra sci-fi. The effects looked pretty great. I'm surprised. Everything looks like they made the most out of low quality (computer animate everything). The acting was pretty bad most of the time and the story and dialog was a bit worse. I suppose if you put this on mute it would be a much more enjoyable movie.

Hannah N (kr) wrote: Almost instantly forgettable, no real development in character or story making an overall dull film

Jonathan P (de) wrote: 911 In Plane Site takes a lot of flack (and most of it is deserved) for posing a lot of ridiculous conspiracy theories but the truth is some of the questions posed are interesting and deserve answers and there in lies the documentary's major flaw. In order to be a respectable documentary both sides of the issue or question must be addressed. Even if your objective is to sit on one side of the fence the other side needs to be shown and 911 In Plane Site fails to do this. Some of the interesting questions (why was the hole in the Pentagon so small when a plane so big hit it?) are left without rebuttal and thus make the documentary seem more paranoid than informative. 911 In Plane Site isn't very well made and with the lack of hard evidence or rebuttals to claims just makes itself seem amateurish and crazy.

Galen L (jp) wrote: A raw look at the harsh reality of the kidnapping life of Latin america. Good acting and well directed.

Ivan T (jp) wrote: I liked it, but then they made the ending extremely schmaltzy.

Camp L (jp) wrote: What an absolute mess this movie was. Sinise looked more alien that the aliens themselves. Robbins over the top acting was unlike his previous under acting and the only redeeming part of this movie Don Cheadles acting chops. The movie was about a huge cast trying to save Don however it was Don who tried to save this cast of poor acting. Unsuccessfully I might add.

Harsh C (jp) wrote: Not too bad for an old movie, but too many shortcuts were taken in the attempt to tell such a long story.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: One of the first crime movies, and still one of the best--Herr Lang's German SwanSong!!

Claudette A (mx) wrote: It started off OK but started to get a bit bizarre!

Millie J (ca) wrote: Loved it! Can't wait for Jurassic World 2!

Greg W (au) wrote: horrible as is the fact there are 2 sequels-yikes!

Dave S (au) wrote: Awkwardly straddles two decades in a way that doesn't completely work. If it had come from later in the 80s maybe the focus on shopping and materialism would have evolved into a more coherent statement, and I think the film could have actually benefited from being a little sleazier. Instead we get a lot of blank-faced driving and walking and nods to the serious auteur cinema of the 1970s (I'd say specifically Coppola and Schlesinger) while the plot idles.