Norske byggeklosser

Norske byggeklosser

A young couple decides to build their dream house, but run into numerous complications in the process. Everything from useless carpenters to building control gets in their way. Norwegian comedian Rolv Wesenlund plays 7 different roles in this movie.

The married couple Inrud and Olav Femte meets unforeseen troubles and bureaucracy when they build a new house. A hopeless and hilarious meet with the system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shrina P (kr) wrote: very interesting movie could watch it again and again I like the songs in this movie

Connor S (au) wrote: Catfish is basically a documentary/film about lies. Everything that you think in the beginning turns out to be a lie, and while this usually works in a fictional film with fictional characters, it doesn't work well with real people. Once the film acknowledged the lies, I stop caring about the people involved (granted, I didn't particularly care for them anyway). And ultimately, the film is unsatisfying, since the ending doesn't explain or wrap up any details. Overall, Catfish is a real-ish film about untrue things.

Trev H (gb) wrote: A wonderful film. A man finds his relationship with his dying son through a journey alone to another land.

Devesh Y (mx) wrote: nice........... good twists.......... foolproof robbery.........:)

Rahin K (it) wrote: This movieis hilarious funny especially with Sofa Vegara and Riselyn Sanchez it's an awesome family movie that will leave you gasping for air

Alex r (fr) wrote: Sequel to Universal Soldier brings mindless action to a new level. However does it pay off? Well let me start by saying that the original film, although not the best action film, it certainly wasn't the worst either. But this film lacks anything that made the first one worth seeing. This is a mediocre action flick that has poor acting, a poor plot and sloppily thought out action scenes that simply fail to thrill. Universal Soldier: The Return feels lazy and it is clear that the filmmakers didn't care about creating something as exciting as the first. Universal Soldier was thrilling, fun and mindless popcorn action that worked because of an interesting idea. However this sequel tries too hard at bringing more depth to the UniSol franchise and it just doesn't succeed because the script is too sloppy and is limited to paper thin ideas that simply don't take off. Also one of the big problems with this sequel is that they tried to give Van Damme's character too much personality, and the result is not impressive, and leaves a lot to be desired. There is not much to offer fans of the first, and a few ideas were recycled from the previous one. This is a lacking film that just fails in terms of an effective and memorable action film. The script is laughable and the acting is wooden, with no standout performances. Even in terms of a mindless action yarn, Universal Soldier The Return just doesn't cut it. I much more enjoyed the first film, even with all its flaws, it was fun and engaging to watch, however this sequel is void of great action and interesting plot.

Simon P (br) wrote: [Director's Cut] Stupidly brilliant action in a brilliantly stupid film. The fight scenes contain plenty of deliciously unnecessary moves and are rather well edited and paced, for a Western Martial Arts movie. Great lead performances, a neat little plot with a large amount of fun and the pleasure of seeing Tracey Walter again. This low budget treat should have been a big hit!

erik a (es) wrote: Especially the man in the water......

Stig H (de) wrote: Superb acting, a classic!

Will D (fr) wrote: Typical load of Godard borefest.

Tim R (us) wrote: One of the best films of 2005! Orlando Blooms best performance! Ridley Scott's best movie since Gladiator!

Jack G (br) wrote: Fantastic! Clint reminds me of my dad, I like all his stuff

Mango A (gb) wrote: not the best Kaya Scodelario film after Skins because I find this way too heavy-handed with it's melodrama tone. It's unbearable to watch for me.I only watched this because I loved Kaya in Skins.