Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Two brothers embark on a journey north to find the northern lights, but what they're really searching for is each other and the intimacy they once shared. Somehow, though, smiles turn into silence. Samuel, the older brother, is brain-damaged and the younger brother, Simon, has an important decision to make concerning himself and Samuel, but Simon's efforts to get through to his brother seem to be in vain. Simon and Samuel set off to find the northern lights. But how do you find the northern lights, and how do you find the light within yourself?

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John F (gb) wrote: A most wanted man and a least wanted film. Truly this film is dire. It is always good to see a Le Carre book brought to screen and the story was strong, let down only by the execution. Philip Seymour Hoffman's acting was so mannered - always ingesting something be it a cigarette/coffee or any hand/mouth interface that it became positively distracting. The direction was pedestrian, the camera-work lacklustre and the overall feel was of a "straight to video" movie which had somehow escaped its destiny.

Bence L (au) wrote: Technically Zeitgeist is really tight. It's superbly structured and presents it's ideas gracefully and in an emotinally gripping manner. While an all to big part of it's conclusions have been proven to be flawed or false over time and part of it's argumentation is simply fallacious, it also had many good points and ideas that hold up. Zeitgeist had the potential to make people question their surroundings, many of whom later looked past conspiracy theories and developed into true sceptics and despite it's faults, I consider Zeitgeist to be a stepping stone of modern culture.

mirabella 1 (au) wrote: ROOM 205 (2007)(From the makers of The Grudge & 30 Days Of Night).Restrained Dutch teen "slasher" set in a college dorm (so there is PLENTY of scope for lots of trademark stereotypes that we slasher fans know & love!)The dorm (in particular, Room 205) is haunted by the ghost of a former resident who was brutally gang-raped & murdered there many years ago.Enter our heroine.Of course, she immediately moves into the ever-vacant Room 205.Witness her growing terror as she gradually realises that she is not alone!The film starts off quite promisingly, but rapidly deteriorates into"amateurville" territory.The plot-constructs & devices employed are neither particularly credible nor interesting. Scary? Suspenseful?....not really. Inspired?....not at all.Indeed, this is ultimately a rather unsatisfying pedestrian foray into familiar territory that has been done SOOO much better before.A minor irritation is the fact that it is never made clear why this ghost malevolently attacks EVERYONE in sight. "Logic" dictates that her vengeance would at least have some meaning (& therefore,validity) were she to restrict her assaults only to the descendants of her killers.Does she hate the whole world? Is she angry at her fellow collegians who failed to prevent her murder?Alas, the answer is never made clear &, ultimately, the viewer does not really care.The ghost's character is never developed fully enough for us to have any sense of understanding of her motivation(s) or to feel any true sympathy or empathy towards her.So, she is relegated to the annals of the myriad of cinematic "undead-mindless-psycho-killers", without the hope of ever finding any redemption in the eyes of the viewer.And this is a real shame. I believe, that in more skilled hands, this film has all of the elements required to create a horror film of great original & genuinely thrilling, edge-of-your-seat terrifying ride that could stay with one for a long time to come.As such, I can only give this 2 & a half stars out of 5.

Don S (kr) wrote: A story told in flashbacks - not my favorite style of storytelling - begins very slowly and boringly. It picks up the pace when Polo gets to China. The acting is adequate; even though Brian Dennehy is one of my favorite actors, he was unconvincing as the Chinese Khan. B.D. Wong's character brought some needed comedic relief. It seemed historically accurate, though I'm taking my wife's word on that as I really knew nothing about the man before this. The sets were fairly intricate and beautiful. Too long, but worth seeing.

Jose Luis M (fr) wrote: Nada aburrida , para mi la mejor pelicula de Minghella

Terri H (nl) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Brett E (br) wrote: Not Ferrell's best, but a worthy effort.

Leo L (de) wrote: An intriguing movie.

Jason S (ca) wrote: it was ok not the best

Anissa C (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies.

Kay L (es) wrote: Just terrible. Didn't miss a thing when I was younger.

Cha t (ag) wrote: Zsa Zsa seduces Gil Favor (Rawhide). if you watch this movie you just wasted 90 minutes.

Donibscottctcisnet D (kr) wrote: Oldie and not entirely a goody. It tended to bore me more than any I have seen in a long time. Horror? I do not think so.

Peter P (ag) wrote: Ok story, and the animation looked great in some of the places, but it was too short, and some of the voice work was not very good.

Andrey B (ca) wrote: Very effective revenge movie with the realism never seen before.

Jeremy F (nl) wrote: I want to watch it again

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Grand Prix is an amazing film. The racing scenes are realistic and exciting. James Garner and Eva Marie Saint give incredible performances. The screenplay is well written. John Frankenheimer did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed this film because of the drama. Grand Prix is a must see.