Northern Pursuit

Northern Pursuit

Canadian Mountie Steve Wagner captures a German Luftwaffe officer on a spy mission, who later escapes from the prison camp. To catch the spy ring, the Mounties employ a ruse so that the spies, believing Steve to be sympathetic, enlist him in their plans.

A Canadian Mountie of German descent feigns disaffection with his homeland in hopes of infiltrating and thwarting a Nazi sabotage plot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cecily B (ag) wrote: It was an okay movie, everything was pretty expected and predictable. Meh.

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Guillermo D (gb) wrote: Loved it. It's the other side of the coin for criticism on filming.

Jenn T (br) wrote: Stupidest movie EVER

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Ross M (br) wrote: One of the worst Chritmas movies i've ever seen.

Ian R (de) wrote: Really fascinating to watch but I wish that everyone would come back each time and not drop out now and again

Heith P (ru) wrote: I've always founds this movie more funny than scary. Can't beat the dirt bike scene.

Aaron M (ru) wrote: Don't watch (unless you enjoy pain)

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