Nordvest is a gangsterfilm set in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Casper (18), the oldest of 3 siblings, survives life on the streets by committing burglaries for the neighbourhood boss, Jamal. When Casper gets an offer to work for Jamal’s rival Björn, he jumps at the chance for a better life, making his way into a world of drugs and prostitution. As things escalate between Björn and Jamal, Casper finds himself and his family dead center of a conflict, that threatens to destroy them.

18-year-old Caspar wants to reach the top, no matter what. He carries out small-time break-ins for Jamal, before moving on to work for big player Björn. All goes well, until Jamal's gang ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Myo D (ca) wrote: Prekvapivo zaujimave...

Anna B (it) wrote: Has some interesting ideas, but kinda bungles the execution, especially in the third act, where things are played for pathos that just haven't been developed at all; like, were we supposed to feel sad that he was gonna stop using his dream sex-slave? Or happy that he was trying to win back his horrible wife? However, Paltrow has a nice rhythm to his scenes, even if his pacing overall is bad, and I liked the actors (Cruz is great, especially in the real-life scenes, and Freeman and Pegg made me laugh).

Rock C (us) wrote: ,?, 1/4? (R)~ (R)> 1/4, (R) 1/4> 1/4?-??"?>,? 1/4?? 1/4?' 1/4"?? 1/4 3/4? (C)??? 3/4 1/4...~? 1/4?? 1/4 1/2 1/2 (R)? 1/4?? (R)? 1/4? 1/4 1/4?> (R) (R)(TM)?, 1/2?? 1/4?

Bass 9 (ag) wrote: There's only what the camera lets you see.

Claire B (us) wrote: I loved this odd, playful, sad, funny and moving french film. Louis Garrel makes it hard not to watch his every facial expression, every nuance, every display of overwhelming charm, charisma and devilish character. The other actors held their own as well, wonderfully displaying the dysfunctional and quirky relationships between each of the characters. It is SO different than American film making and feels refreshing and adventurous to someone who is used to your run of the mill blockbuster. This is a foreign film I could most definitely recommend to a lot of people.

Wiebke K (us) wrote: So much fun, great cast, story and landscapes in the UK and Iceland.

Cody O (ag) wrote: This is a wonderful movie that proves Gyllenhaal as a top notch actress. This movie is real. The actions and reactions are authentic. The movie tells the story of a mother trying to put the broken pieces of her life back together.

Joey S (fr) wrote: A strange but funny and charming movie, Me and You and Everyone We Know feels like a series of odd artistic vignettes even though it tells a linear story. Almost every scene has something that makes it feel unique somehow, and more often than not it's hard to really identify what it is. Aside from John Hawkes, who gives a good performance, there is almost nobody recognizable in this movie, but all of the actors do a great job, including the 6 year-old Brandon Ratcliff who is too innocent and funny not to love. It's not perfect, but as a unique romantic comedy and a directorial debut, Me and You and Everyone We Know works wonders.

Mark B (nl) wrote: Terrible prequel that should never been made.Avoid!

Russell H (ca) wrote: A lot of the jokes were funny but it was so stupid, I couldn't pay attention.

Caleb C (es) wrote: A classic with an unpredictable ending, plenty of good humor, and a huge case of soon to be stars at their beginnings.

Umberto B (ru) wrote: Silly movie but can be still enjoyed!

Niloo R (es) wrote: this was a very entertaining film - it was hilarious the way it depicted how EVERYTHING went wrong on the film set. it was actually strangely cathartic in that sense, because it was so close to the truth. the only problem i had with the film was that it was grasping for some sort of deeper meaning through cryptic, vague dialogue that i'm not entirely sure was there, or even needed to be there. having that added dimension made the film feel like it was missing something, because it didn't properly address it. on the whole though, in terms of showing the dynamics on a film set, absolutely brilliant !

Alexander W (jp) wrote: The best Steven Segal film.

Melody M (au) wrote: I know I've seen part of it already.

Drew S (nl) wrote: A movie so bad, it's fucking awesome! If you don't see this movie, your life is incomplete.

Shane B (it) wrote: A horrible experience. This isn't even a film, it's more like a fake snuff film.

James M (gb) wrote: OK, I didn't see all of this, but the fight between the Tyrannosaurus and the digger at the end has to be seen to be believed. Plus the 'The End' sequence was fantastic.

Alex S (ca) wrote: "That's The Way The Banana Splits"

Panayiota K (ca) wrote: I dont get this movie. I dont get the story, i dont get the dialogue, i dont get that famous whistle scene. Humphrey Bogart was too passive, Lauren Bacall was cool but too serious. Also i know they were together in real life but i can't get over the 25 year age gap. I didn't like their chemistry.