Vampire Count Orlok is interested in a new residence and in real estate agent Hutter's young wife. Silent horror classic based on the Bram Stoker novel "Dracula".

Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter's wife. Silent classic based on the story "Dracula." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nosferatu torrent reviews

Juan Diego L (es) wrote: La animacin es espectacular como siempre, pero la historia es entretenida y no se queda all, ya que los personajes juegan un papel muy importante y son divertidos, pero es un poco lenta.

Terhi V (ru) wrote: Not scary, not funny and not recommended.

Suanne S (mx) wrote: Pretty good movie about friends dealing with the life changes they face.

Ken L (gb) wrote: Its a pretty good watch if you're bored. Netflix it.

Petri P (it) wrote: Tottakai tm on kanadassa tehty.. ei jenkit tmmseen pystyis!Pienen budjetin leffa, josta hyvll tarinalla saatin mielenkiintoinen!Ja Carly Pope on ihanan sp!

Codrut (us) wrote: This taxi driver is a lunatic =). Sooo funny.

Marc N (es) wrote: Battle Royale of the Western World, un-original script, but it made up for it with cool characters and pretty good action sequences & Christopher Lambert gets killed, a rare ending even if I do say so myself.

Tim F (nl) wrote: Flabbergasting for western people!You realy start to think about what we have , it's huge compaired to the poor people over there. The fact that his taxibike is an important part of his life is well depicted by how hard he has to work and struggle. He's so thin, has almost no family except for his sister and uncle (or grandfather). Typical eastern culture is presented in a vast way, overcome by a (you can think slightly neccesairy) gangformation in which he stumbles, making intresting, deadly choices. The "gang"-side is half-way the movie highly deepend,making it a lot more Bollywood, so is the acting but so much more exciting. Very cultural highlit from another world. Breathtaking!

Anya S (es) wrote: There was no reason for there to be a sequel, and this one was not good at all. The acting was bad the story line was stupid and the ending was something out of a lifetime movie.

Alan B (it) wrote: Another overlooked gem. Yeah, it's a little schmaltzy, but who cares?

Eric B (gb) wrote: Within the brutality of this story are some amazing performances and brilliant cinematography by Stefan Czapsky.A work filled with grit, desolation and desperation, it can be a difficult film to willingly sit down and try to "enjoy," but then one would miss the beauty that can be found in Stephan Lang's performance as Harry, dim and rough and tortured. One would not see Jennifer Jason Leigh delve again into the darkness of a character - Tralala, a frightened girl trying to find any way to feel an ounce of worthiness, or the heartbreaking turn by Cameron Johann as Spook, the boy who just wants Tralala to notice him.Czapsky - who a year later would begin his collaboration with Tim Burton, which yielded Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns and Ed Wood - embraced the darkness so beautifully in this lighting, and the detail of the dirty locales so perfectly with lens choices that one cannot but feel uncomfortable, and unclean.Uli Edel's work as director can best be seen in the performances, with his actors trusting him to reach into the underbelly of humanity.While some felt that the film wasn't bleak enough, softening the blow of Herbert Selby, Jr's novel, there is still quite the hammer wielded by Edel, included Tralala's ultimate fall into the abyss.This is not a film for a fun Friday night with friends, but if one is willing to walk through a grater and find the brilliance of a cast and crew buying into the hard truth of a work, Last Exit to Brooklyn is certainly worthy of that examination.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: In the early days of CGI, there was HERCULES! CGI has been a killer of film for me, but I actually watched it just to see how shitty the CGI was, and I was impressed.

Mark S (ag) wrote: Nice little pay off at the end redeems this straight forward somewhat undemanding thriller.

Andy C (mx) wrote: Excellent (by which I mean not actually excellent but pretty fun) action with JCVD - perhaps one of my favourite examples of his style of action.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Not that bad, Bill Murray's voice does suit Garfield well but abit silly but kids will love it.