Not Now Darling

Not Now Darling

A married British furrier gives a mobster's mistress a cheap mink coat.

A mad cap British farce about mistresses and minks in the London fur salon of Bodley, Bodley, and Crouch. Gilbert Bodley plans to sell an expensive mink to a mobster dirt cheap for his wife... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve B (es) wrote: I love Bryan Cranston, but after seeing Narcos, this just didn't compare.

Aswin W (fr) wrote: Pretty good MTV movie. It was entertaining with the songs and acting was pretty good.

Ben S (de) wrote: The only film David Mamet has directed from one of his own plays to date, "Oleanna" is unsurprisingly stagy and awkward at times, but also claustrophobic and powerful.

Deadly V (mx) wrote: GREAT PHONE STALKING SLASHER!!!!!

Corey C (mx) wrote: Day-Glo Demme excellence. Humanistic and hilarious, featuring a great performance from Michelle Pfeiffer, and I for one appreciate Matthew Modine here as the dorkiest FBI agent ever.The supporting cast is delightful. It's Demme being Demme and doing what he does best.

Andrew I (jp) wrote: An unusual, if fairly unremarkable thriller that only really has two things going for it. No, not those. (i) it's short (ii) lots of shots of 1980s London street scenes, old cars, red buses, phone boxes etc. In years to come, it might be this quaintness that makes the film a kind of cult classic. Apart from that, it's pretty bland, farfetched in the extreme and Michael Caine isn't in it as much as it needs him to be. Not a bad film if you got it free in a Sunday paper.

James C (gb) wrote: 111111111111111111111

Aaron W (gb) wrote: Lee Marvin has an enormous head.

Chad D (ru) wrote: Watch the Bruce Lee fight on youtube, the rest puts Raymond Chandler to shame.

David L (ru) wrote: I suppose that it is okay for a 1950s animation. At least the storyline and the message is clear.

Toni K (kr) wrote: Interesting perspective. I kept waiting to see what would happen. Didn't end quite like I thought. Too all over the places flashes and more discord than I liked

Borhan K (ca) wrote: A mind trippy movie. At first this movie was slow and dull and you think really why would i even bother. I really was amazed at the twists and turns this movie had you thought you knew whats going on but you really have no clue all you have to do is hop on board and enjoy the ride. Its kinda James Bond meets a computer nerds movie but its all about high tech and spys but does not involve computers directly per-say. The big draw card for guys is Lucy Liu. Give it a go you wont be that disappointed.

Indira S (gb) wrote: ouch it's not as memorable as "on the town"

Justin M (es) wrote: wanted to like it cause I like Marlon wayans, but it was bad....had to turn it off