Not Quite Human II

Not Quite Human II

Chip, the android boy is back. This time, he is off to college, suffering from a computer virus and in love with Roberta, another android. Will there be a happy ending?

Chip, the android boy is back. This time, he is off to college, suffering from a computer virus and in love with Roberta, another android. Will there be a happy ending? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corinna O (br) wrote: Great film that made you understand the Williams sister more and what they had to struggle with in tennis whether it be race or injury

John T (us) wrote: A zombie movie. It's wasn't horrible, but it was far from good. The zombies were fast, which is good and suspenseful. The quality of the film was pretty decent. Looks like they shot in digital. However, the acting wasn't great. The plot wasn't amazing. The movie played out pretty much like every horror movie.Not the worst cheap zombie movie I made, but if you're going to spend some time, watch a good one.

bill s (jp) wrote: Shot in the hope it would be a lot grittier and cooler than it ended up being.

Simon D (es) wrote: a series of short vignettes from various directors across the globe who's task was to present a short film which in some way is related to the events of 9/11. Some are much more tenuous than others. It's a film for afficionados, not much for your everyday film viewer.

Ryan J (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this! I don't understand all the negative reviews I'm seeing. Anyway, Radha Mitchell did a great job a woman who lost her newborn child and is spiraling into a deep depression and madness. It was portrayed very well. That last shot of her on the couch, then fading into white was BRILLIANT! I'm also a hater of shooting cinema on digital/video (except docs) but for this film the look worked for some reason. I recommend this, but it's definitely not a light subject matter.

Sergio R (mx) wrote: A quality film from one of the greatest novels of modern literature. Vanessa Redgrave did an admirable work... as always.

Pavan R (jp) wrote: A mystery conspiracy movie which is just average and nothing home to wrote about.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Solomon Islands, 1943. US forces are slowly pushing the Japanese out of the region. Short of larger warships, and suited to the shallow, narrow waters of the Solomons, the US Navy is heavily reliant on Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats to harry the enemy and perform all manner of other duties. One such boat is PT-109. Based on a (mostly) true story, here we see PT-109's exploits in the Solomons campaign, especially one incident for which it would become famous. Moreover, the movie focuses on the exploits and derring-do of PT-109's commander, Lt (jg) John Fitzgerald Kennedy...Good, entertaining depiction of JFK's wartime adventures in the Solomons, and the one famous incident in particular. Never dull, and with some degree of grit, this is a rollicking adventure story.Some liberties taken with regard to historical accuracy, but not major ones. Reasonably accurate, militarily. Is possibly a bit too folksy at times in terms of the crew interactions.Good work by Cliff Robertson as JFK. Supporting cast put in solid performances too.Possibly even more fascinating than the movie is the making of it. JFK was President when the movie was made. He had veto power over the choice of director (he blocked at least one chosen director), got to choose who played himself (Cliff Robertson got the nod) and had input into other areas of the movie too. He managed to see the movie (he was assassinated five months after it was released) and said he liked it, but also thought that, at 2 hrs 20 mins, the movie was perhaps too long.

Chrisanne S (fr) wrote: Not to be confused with "It COULD happen to you" this is a great movie and Judy and Jack are so fun together!

Federico F (mx) wrote: A masterpiece that keeps the viewer glued to the end, looking for a conclusion that is confused between the assembly and the scenes

Jamey P (ru) wrote: No it's not Robin Williams best film. Yes it's predictable canned humor. If you expected anything else, that's on you. It's more like a 2 star effort, but I don't penalize a film for being successful at being exactly what it sets out to be. Even if that is a mediocre and predictable film. This is clean family entertainment. The kids liked it enough and it's worth the rental if your looking for something for everyone.

Bill H (jp) wrote: The pacing is dreadfully slow in that I had to watch the movie in intervals (and I managed to sit through Gus Van Sant's boring movies of late without stopping, except Milk of course). BUT, towards the end, I realized that was the intention, to emphasize the dull, meaningless, and superficial existence of our character Carol, played by Julianne Moore. Although I prefer American Psycho's more brutal take on the upper-class yuppie lifestyle (note to self: re-rate American Psycho), Todd Haynes' [Safe] is equally as cynical. Take Carol's meek, mousy voice and her attempts to open up... *shudders* I've never felt more uncomfortable about a person's screen presence, or lack thereof (since that is the intention). It's so uncomfortable its disheartening, but at the same time you gotta laugh. Seriously, there are some funny parts here, and Moore's performance alone is gold. Haha, I gotta watch this movie again.Oh, and I'm not saying this is strictly a laugh out loud satire, it's still a tad disheartening to watch with its cynical commentary. :p