Not Wanted on Voyage

Not Wanted on Voyage

the scheming Albert Higgins and his dim witted mate Cecil Hollebone, set out on a ocean voyage under the exasperated Chief Steward. Along for the trip are the wealthy Mrs. Borough and her secretary Pat. Soon Mrs. Boroughs’ Jewels are stolen…

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Allan C (de) wrote: A rather fawning documentary on the film career of Jerry Lewis. The film ignores some of the darker elements of Jerry's life (or any mention of "Day the Clown Cried"), but Jerry was one of the producers on this film and protecting his reputation is something he's tirelessly done his entire career, so it wasn't really a big surprise. Still, this film interviews quite a list of film and comedy luminaries who provide some very good unsigned into the brilliance of Jerry Lewis, including Steven Spielberg, Alec Baldwin, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Carl Reiner, Quentin Tarantino, Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, Carol Burnett, Richard Lewis and many more. That along was enough to make this a fascinating documentary for fans of Lewis.

scott g (ru) wrote: Not great, and dull at times, the lead actress has something, but the guy doesent. the story is also not doing much, even the guy from lost cant do much.

Curtis S (kr) wrote: The hand trick is cool. Should have had more plot or characters. This is not reallty a con film, more of a casino film. The...nevermind.

Joshua B (us) wrote: Surprisingly watchable "Vacation to Paradise gone awry" thriller. Interesting twist in that the bad guys aren't who you think they are. Timothy Olyphant was good in this. Not something you'd watch more than once, but decent entertainment. Nothing cutting-edge here but good for an evening.

Simon D (us) wrote: This was shaping up quite well and then it ended. Could have been a good hour longer. I don't know if that makes it a good thing or not, I suppose not.

Joshua L (fr) wrote: some interesting stuff but ts pretty bias if u ask me.

Henrysmovieguide C (ag) wrote: Such a cool fantasy movie. Action-packed, but it's not just a dumb action flick. Smart, fun, serious, and engaging. Long, but worth sitting through. Definitely.

Giuliano B (ca) wrote: You should be glad the dinosaurs are now extinct, so they wouldn't live to see this stupid movie.

Peter P (es) wrote: Ok concept, just not all that funny.

Daryl K (kr) wrote: The story, while no classic like 'Chinatown', is serviceable enough. And the acting is generally fine. I just think the film is hurt by Nicholson's inexperience as a director. Some scenes lay flat as a dead fish; others do manage to work. The Chandleresque, first-person narration was probably a bad call. Uneven, and ultimately disappointing.

tracey c (br) wrote: really a good movie. seen age's ago

Max K (kr) wrote: One of my favourite comedies - Whoopi at her best xxx

matt k (ca) wrote: if you are a fan of Jerry Garcia you must give this a solid watch

jay n (es) wrote: Breezy little caper comedy with an expert cast and a jaunty pace. Grodin's voice over is a nice touch. Candice Bergen shows her adaptness at comedy years before Murphy Brown.

Simon D (kr) wrote: This is called one of the most hated and contraversial films ever. I don't see why, to be honest. Yes it's all about Nazi power and shows how much the Germans loved Hitler. It's propaganda, no doubt about it, but it is also just a historical document. What you see is live footage of Nuremburg rally. I think, knowing what was to come, this is a very interesting documentary. There is no real indication of what was to come, nothing offensive was said or shown, it just gives you a real impression of what things were like before it all kicked off. I would say this is an important document in history to understand the beginnings of the second world war. I will also say that it's not an easy watch because most of it is very boring.

Mark B (de) wrote: This is essentially a feature length, live action version of the incompetent terrorists from Monkey Dust. Sadly, the jokes are spread very thin and are often more slapstick than satirical.

Rangan R (ca) wrote: Back to normal is sometimes not good.The movie did not reach my expectation, but still I enjoyed watching it. A story like this I never thought would do fairly, a better movie from the average section. I think not without the Aubrey Plaza, she as a Beth was excellent. Not a career defining performance, but funny enough. The story looks only faintly different from other similar films, but a few good scenes saved it. If it had a couple more good jokes and maybe a twist, surely would have been done greatly at the box office.There's no surprise material in it, I thinks that's negative about it. Easy to read the situation and predict the story within the first 15 minutes, but the second half was drastically changed its pace as well as the atmosphere in the story. If you've not seen many zombie films, especially comedy ones, then you may find it better than average.Definitely a decent direction for a first timer, got a good support from the cast. For a small budget, this is a wonderful production quality. It surely upset you if you expect like 'Warm Bodies' or 'Shaun of the Dead', but if you know all about it before giving a try, the disappointment will be lessened and you may have a decent time pass with it.6/10

Tim O (au) wrote: A beautiful reflection on life, love, and what ifs. Well acted and filled with emotions. The writing, direction, story telling and acting were all superb. It almost makes me look past Sofia in The Godfather 3.

Jason S (fr) wrote: It makes my cunt ache

Will T (jp) wrote: I muted the sound and listened to Megadeth on loop. So very American with all the crisis and whooping n hollerin'. The images they got back were awesome and he managed to find a sexy scientist to take us through it.