Nothing But the Truth/I

Nothing But the Truth/I


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Nothing But the Truth/I torrent reviews

Joseph G (ca) wrote: i really liked the movie a lot, i would of given more stars but I'm not sure i liked the ending at all.

Heather M (us) wrote: An enjoyable story that connects them all in the end. It was worth a watch, but it will never need to be repeated.

Hiatt N (mx) wrote: It out surpassed the first two. And I think it's the best one in the series.

uky c (au) wrote: i have heard great reviews cant wait to see it..

Jennie R (gb) wrote: More like "Let the Right one In". Not as much horror as a movie about friendship plus the creep factor in some parts. There were many layers of emotions being represented in this film. It was a nice movie to watch but just not one that made me want to watch it again or to excitedly tell someone else about. If you can catch it on Netflix and you like a good story but not a real horror story, than you will enjoy this.

Peter P (de) wrote: Surprisingly, even after all the years since the first two movies, this third installment is a fun good addition to the series. Paul Hogan is still likable as Mick Dundee, and it would make sense that they would have a kid by then, so it didn't seemed like he was just thrown in there. All in all a good way to wrap up the series.

Saiiara S (ca) wrote: aloha! It's an inspiring story for it teaches us to continue pursuing our goals despite the odds!!

James W (kr) wrote: Coneheads is a stupid weird adventure but is a good Saturday Night Live adaption.

The N (de) wrote: Es entretenida, la idea es buena, pero la cagan con eso de meterle el computador. Tiene buenas muertes gore.

Sultan A (fr) wrote: An immensely empowering performance from DeNiro, superbly directed by Scorsese, contribute to the telling of an invigorating, yet, at times, melancholic, tale of a ruthless fighter, whose strength is presented ingeniously through the film's impeccably captured boxing sequences. 4/4.

Ryan J (kr) wrote: Now this was a good film, worthy of at least one Oscar nomination. Redemption is based on a true story and stars north Texas?? own Jamie Foxx, with Lynn Whitfield. I haven??t seen this one at blockbuster yet, but it should be out by now, cause the ??screener?? I watched was dated 2004. I??m guessing he didd this right after ??Jarhead?? Foxx is outstanding as Stanley ??Tookie?? Wilson, the founder of the infamous Crips. This dude rose up from the infamous South-Central LA streets to become the most feared gang banger of modern times. He united his west-side Crips with their East-Side counterparts. Wilson also initiated the war between the Crips and the Bloods. It was during this time that gang violence escalated from being fists and baseball bats to guns. After being convicted on 4 counts of murder and sentenced to death row. This man is a something else. After being incarcerated for just a short period of time, he has control o f everything in San Quentin--all the money and drugs changing hands; he gets a piece of every kick-back, he owns the guards, and he even ends the gang violence inside the prison. Wilson has sort of an enlightenment and reforms himself. He stops smoking, drinking, cursing, and becomes more religious. Enter Ms. Whitfield. She plays a journalist who decides to write about Wilson??s rise to power and ultimately, his fall. After a few awkward meetings, the two begin a professional relationship. Wilson begins to preach against gang violence, through taped speeches, his message for peace is broadcasted throughout the world, starting in South-Central. His words basically put an end to the war between the Bloods and Crips, at least in LA. He also help ended gang violence across the globe. One dude sitting on Death Row. Crazy, right? Yeah, well the world took notice and Wilson was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace. Heavy, real heavy. During this time Wilson decides to write his own book and Whitfield agrees to ??polish?? up his writing and use her agent to push the book. One book becomes a series. This series of children??s books attempts to steer young folk, mainly blacks, away from gang life. I remember seeing these books at RIF (reading is fundamental) fairs at school--you remember? Yeah. Well one year later, these children??s books earned Wilson a nomination for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Things were looking up. Then we learn Wilson??s appeal was denied. And he was sad. And that??s where the movie ended. It built up to something great and all of a sudden it was over. Totally left it all open-ended. There was a little bit of info at the end, saying Wilson is still on Death Row and continues to write. Yeah, at the time they finished filming. Flash-forward to last year, Gov. Terminator denies a pardon and Wilson gets iced by the state. Sucks, but I kinda say it coming. I had heard about the execution, but never knew about the man behind it all until I saw this film. It was well acted, well written, and had excellent production values. I felt it faltered on a emotional level. It was strong, but not strong enough to make you cry or even make you feel sorry for the dude. Maybe if they had waited to see how the real Wilson??s appeal/pardon worked out and ended with his death, ??Redemption?? might have had a greater emotional impact on me and would have been a more poignant film. ??Redemption?? was one of the better ??mainstream?? Hollywood dramas I saw this year and I think is worth renting.

Keith S (gb) wrote: Poorly directed and derivative of other (much better) EL adaptations.

ChrisPC123 (ag) wrote: Looks very funny Goodman and McCartney have bit parts as does epps, jeong and my girl heather Graham.

Matthew B (ca) wrote: Kill Your Friends is basically the British version of "American Psycho", but played safe. If you like dark humor, then this might be your kind of film and I do like dark humor, but for some reason I couldn't really get into this movie.