Malchow, German Democratic Republic, 1980. 20-year-old Anne is hiding Juri, a deserter of the Red Army. The two fall in love with each other. But their love is threatened: there is an arrest warrant and possibly a death sentence waiting for Juri. The two leave the country and flee to the West, leaving Anne’s six-month-old daughter Inga behind. Inga grows up with her grandparents and thinks that her mother died during a swimming accident. 25 years later she meets the literature professor Robert, who sends her on the trail of her past. He met Inga’s mother Anne during one of his seminars. At first Inga is resistant, but then she asks for Robert’s help. Together they take off on a journey through Germany, in search of Inga’s mother Anne... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katley M (es) wrote: I thought that Slaughter Night was a pretty decent horror movie. You get juvenile acting just like in any low budget horror movie. The gore was minimal all that you get is a couple of very bloodless scenes. So if your asking where the decent movie part comes in it's all in the suspense. You get a few suspenseful scenes. In typical slasher movie form the characters begin to turn on each other after the killing starts this actually gives you a few intense moments. The plot is hard to describe without giving it away but lets just say that it is a typical, predictable plot. I knew who was safe from the moment I sat down. Bottom line if you are expecting one of those non stop gore fest of a movie that the French have been releasing here lately then skip this one the gore here is hardly existent. But for a reasonably suspenseful French horror flick check this out.

Kenneth J (mx) wrote: Father son issues. Not bad

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Lilo C (br) wrote: The zaniest, most hilarious summer vacation ever!Holly CRAP I don`t believe this Movie is on Flixster. It is one of my really all time Favorite TV Movies. I was about 13 I guess when I saw it for the first time. I still remember the Song. It is such a great Teenie Movie. What a Shame no DVD no VHS. Like as if it is forgotten. Aniston and Mc Keller in their young years. I just love this Movie. The last Time I watched this Movie was gee lemme think, oh late 90`s, but before I saw it about 3 times. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Oh the good ol teenie years.I can nearly still hear the song Camp Cucamonga. Dammit wot was the song name again?

Tyson P (us) wrote: pretty good hood movie with some down to earth side plots. Not one of the best gangster/hood movies but definatly recommended for any fan of the genre.

Marya M (ru) wrote: Amazing story. Although it says it's based on a true story, from what I've read it may actually be based on several different stories. Either way, it is an amazing movie for anyone who is devoted to the earth and sees the wrongs of civilization.

Kevin F (us) wrote: Pretty Cool movie... xD !!!

Adam C (gb) wrote: Amazing movie! Funny, touching, and thoroughly entertaining.