The third film in a trilogy by writer-director Gregg Araki. Described as "90210 on acid", the film tells the story of a day in the lives of a group of high school kids in Los Angeles and the strange lives they lead.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   escape,   mushroom,  

The third film in a trilogy by writer-director Gregg Araki. Described as "90210 on acid", the film tells the story of a day in the lives of a group of high school kids Los Angeles and the strange lives they lead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mackenie C (ca) wrote: Best movie i've seen in my entire LIFE OK

Matt G (fr) wrote: A pathetic Christmas movie, but it's fun if you're bored.

Daniel C (kr) wrote: One of my favorites.

Siow Ai L (jp) wrote: i like the martial arts vanness show cased...

Bernadeta K (it) wrote: OK jugaaa ni film...

svanur A (de) wrote: love bean so much he's just to funny

Ryan V (ru) wrote: A forgotten and under-appreciated gem, with a fairly young Tommy Lee Jones in the lead. As far as pirate movies go, it's pretty darn entertaining.

Kandis A (gb) wrote: It was a cool movie. I would watch it again.....

Jacob M (it) wrote: Great performance from Hoffman and a pretty funny sit.

Robert R (es) wrote: A musical without enough music.

Robert G (fr) wrote: This is a great movie about a teenage girl who wants to e a man. So much so that she dresses up, and masquerades as a man. But there will be unfortunate consequences if his new "friends" find out the truth.

Ola G (kr) wrote: In 1977 Los Angeles, a boy named Bobby witnesses fading porn star Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio) die in a car crash. Later that week, down-on-his-luck private eye Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is approached by Mrs. Glenn (Lois Smith), the aunt of Misty Mountains who is obsessively claiming to have seen her niece alive after her supposed death. March is skeptical of her claim, but realizes that a missing girl named Amelia Kuttner (Margaret Qualley) is somehow involved and accepts the job. However, Amelia does not wish to be found and hires unethical enforcer Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) to intimidate March into staying away from her. Later that night, Healy is attacked at his home by two unnamed thugs credited as Blue Face (Beau Knapp)-so named after a dye pack in Healy's briefcase hits his face-and Older Guy (Keith David), who attempt to interrogate him about Amelia's whereabouts. After stunning the duo, Healy manages to ward them off with a hidden shotgun. He then teams up with a reluctant March to find Amelia before the thugs do. The two are assisted by Holly (Angourie Rice), March's young daughter, despite March's attempts to keep her out of the case for her own safety. Healy and March have to take on a world filled with eccentric goons, strippers dressed as mermaids and even a possible government conspiracy...Rotten Tomatoes consensus reads, "The Nice Guys hearkens back to the buddy comedies of a bygone era while adding something extra courtesy of a knowing script and the irresistible chemistry of its leads." Mike Ryan of Uproxx gave the film a positive review, praising Black's writing, and saying: "If you like Shane Black, you will like The Nice Guys. It's probably the Shane Black-est of all the Shane Black movies. Black has a knack for turning action movie expectations on their head mixed with knowing and rich dialogue." IGN gave the film a 9/10, writing, "Working from a tight and sharp script that perfectly balances the characters like a yin and yang of screw-ups ensures The Nice Guys is an absolute joy every step of the way." Richard Roeper of Chicago Sun-Times gave 3 stars out 4 and wrote, "Forget about Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Ride Along 2, or Zac Efron and Robert De Niro in Dirty Grandpa, or Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Zoolander 2. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are the funniest duo of the year so far in The Nice Guys". James Berardinelli described the film as the 1970 version of Boogie Nights. Berardinelli wrote, "The Nice Guys is a refreshingly adult movie entering a marketplace saturated by teen-friendly superhero flicks and animated family fare. It's edgy (although not so edgy that it will turn off a mass market audience), funny, and fast-paced", and he gave a score of 3 out 4. On the other hand, Rex Reed of New York Observer gave a score of 0 and he felt that the film is "another sub-mental movie for morons churned out by the kind of sophomoric Hollywood machine that trademarks the works of Judd Apatow & Co." A. O. Scott of The New York Times wrote that the film lacks wistful, slyly political sense of history that Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice had. Scott wrote, "Even nostalgic nonsense requires more than attitude and energy, which is all that Mr. Black has to offer. And despite all its restless detective work, The Nice Guys is unable to track down a soul or a reason for being." Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "That the film mostly falls flat has far more to do with the largely unconvincing material rather than with the co-stars, who are more than game for the often clownish shenanigans Black and his co-writer Anthony Bagarozzi have concocted for them; in fit and starts, the actors display a buoyant comic rapport." McCarthy, however, praised the production design (by Richard Bridgland) and costume design (by Kym Barrett) due to their "vivid reminders of how much L.A. has spruced itself up over the past 40 years"; and the cinematography (by Philippe Rousselot) due to "the figurative and possibly even literal use of a smog filter to evoke a physically and morally toxic environment."]Shane Blacks "The Nice Guys" is a mix of "Zombieland", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", "Boogie Nights", "The Last Boy Scout" and "Ford Fairlane". With other words you can find a lot of reference points in this movie. Take it or leave it. In one hand its good, you have a lot of popculture recognition factors, on the other hand you end up feeling that you have seen it before many times before. The main USP in "The Nice Guys" is of course the funny and great chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe that makes the movie worthwhile to see as the script is maybe not so intriguing. Yes, Crowe seems to be a bit on autopilot while Gosling puts more of himself into March. I love how the production has managed to visually portray L.A. in the late 70s from all sorts angles. "The Nice Guys" is funny, action packed, slightly violent and entertaining despite some smaller flaws.