Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run

Escaped convict Sam Gillen single handedly takes on ruthless developers determined to evict Clydie - a widow with two young children. Nobody knows who Sam is.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   widow,   fire,  

An escaped convict, Sam Gillen (Jean-Claude Van Damme) travels to a farm to search for money from an earlier heist. There he single handedly takes on ruthless developers determined to evict Clydie, a widow with two young children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry L (mx) wrote: This is surely the most pre-posture us, ridiculous movie I have ever seen.

Brad S (ru) wrote: So much promise, but it's mired in a lot of banal Chris Evans scenes. He's just not an interesting actor to me and his performance felt emotionally empty.

Hannah R (ag) wrote: Abbie Breslin...totally the best actress EVER!!!

Nick E (us) wrote: By the end of the film you are left wondering if its really trying to send a message to the audience about the evils of gun trade, yet the entire film glorifies it to a certain extent.

Private U (nl) wrote: What a surprise this little Spanish flick turned out to be! Going in with admittedly low expectations, I was greeted by a slickly produced, nicely written Spanish mob action comedy. The comedy is sometimes subtle, sometimes broad, and the movie transitions nicely between comic moments and the far more serious violence-driven scenes. There is blood and gore aplenty and a couple of squirm-inducing scenes, but all in all, 'Dos Tipos Duros' is an entertaining ride. Antonio Resines plays the world-weary hitman Paco with just the right touch of sighing poignancy - he is rarely overtly menacing, despite his career path. He seems like a relatively nice guy who can get nasty if the job requires, but he'd really rather not. Jordi Vilches brings a geeky earnestness to Alex, the teenaged nephew of a crime boss who Paco is charged with babysitting and initiating into the business. Like the toddler who insists on leaving the store with a toy, after Alex and Paco visit the whorehouse of Paco's friend Reme, they leave saddled with Alex's new inamorata - young prosititute Tatiana (the very comely Elena Anaya) who comes with more baggage than her hastily-packed duffel. The trio become involved in an increasingly convoluted trip through kidnappings, ransoms, strip clubs, shoot-outs, nasty men and nastier women. There are enough quirks and twists to keep this little gangster flick from becoming totally formulaic and enough laughs to keep it just this side of too dark. Director Juan Martinez Moreno has given us an imminently watchable movie.

bill s (mx) wrote: A warm feeling runs through this feel good story and boy do these kids deliver great performances.

Luc L (fr) wrote: A typical and uncredible story and characters.

Alex V (nl) wrote: Awesome film. Amazing to see the slasher genre begin. Young Brooke Shields dies. Thought it was predictable but they threw me for a loop! Nice gore. Creepy mask. This needs to get remade with today's structures. It's great.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Very important and much better than people have ever realized--God on the Radio!!

Matthew P (ru) wrote: Eerie, haunting and bizarre with an incredible ending.

Conrad T (es) wrote: Beautiful scenery probably shot in the South Pacific. Tempting me to go at least once. But the movie itself is crap.