Nu ji zhong ying

Nu ji zhong ying

A nurse in a Japanese women's POW camp during World War II masterminds an escapee.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Mandarin,Japanese,Danish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   whipping,   dead woman,  

A nurse in a Japanese women's POW camp during World War II masterminds an escapee. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joyce C (mx) wrote: I saw it today on the Documentary Channel, and then read the review in Slant, which lined up pretty well with my own; except my feelings are not quite as dismissive. It demonstrated a paradox, that, while striving to display objectivity, it is still pretty difficult to repress your biases. I actually expected a left-leaning bias, due to the title, which I can't imagine anyone right-of-center coining. I wasn't disappointed in that expectation. But it was just as worth watching as the D'Souza piece, We are supposed to suspend disbelief for dramatic, comic and fantasy movies, not for stuff like this. In any event, a little walk through American history helps sort it out; we seem to like to saddle broncs just to see if we can ride them. As long as we take our lumps without projecting blame, I guess there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe that is the point that Malone is making here, even if it wasn't the one he was going for.

John D (br) wrote: One of the most well made Asian / Korean war films ever. I've seen Tai Guk Ki, Frontline and My Way, but this one stands out. Not just a war epic, but it has a very good story. A story of 71 teenagers, who is assigned to hold out against the advancing North Korean army. They are inexperienced, but armed. And it turns out to be one of the most heroic films ever. It's like that film "home alone" combine it with a war epic film. I said that cause they have no combat experiences at all, and they make strategies to set up traps against a battalion of North Korean armies. I was excited bout the climax, about how they end up battling these soldiers. And that villain commander, that dude is bad ass. And to think, this is a true story, a story of young heroes that will be remembered for a long time. A must watch war epic. 4.5/5

Cecily B (es) wrote: I think I liked the story idea for this movie then they were actually able to pull off, a little gorey but nothing excessive. I think what I feel is indifference.

Lee M (de) wrote: Exiled is creative and bizarre, maybe too bizarre, but since most action films adhere to a cookie-cutter formula, its quirkiness is welcome. It turns out to be less a movie than a phantasmagorical dream synthesised from Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: Una pelcula con accin, comedia y desarrollos afortunados que hacen a la audiencia sentirse parte de la pelcula, Nueve Reinas dirigida por Fabin Belinsky es una historia sobre dos hombres mediocres estafadores que se conocen en una estacin de servicio una madrugada y atraviesan juntos un da intentando dar un golpe maestro en Buenos Aires. Una produccin argentina estrenada en el ao 2000, Nueve Reinas es protagonizada por Gastn Pauls y Ricardo Darn que tras ser presentada fue nominada a veintinueve premios internacionales, de los cuales gan veintiuno, entre ellos: Cndor de Plata a: mejor pelcula, mejor director; Fabin Belinsky, mejor actor; Ricardo Darn, mejor actriz de reparto; Elsa Berenguer, mejor guion; Fabin Belinsky, mejor fotografa; Marcelo Camorino y mejor montaje Sergio Zottola. Y no es ninguna sorpresa, las actuaciones dan una buena idea de como la vida fue en Argentina durante un tiempo en la que su economa fue inflada. Ademas demuestra trazas de argentinismo para exportar, un lado crtico y moralista, al que se demuestra que no llegaremos a una resolucin, porque durante el transcurso, slo se veran pequeas escenas donde la tica apenas se delinea para finalizar en una relectura, debido al final inesperado que, despus de tanta trampa, podra soslayarse. Considerada una obra maestra, Belinsky desarrollo una pelcula clsica nica de la cinematografa de Argentina. Recomendada para cual quiera persona que no solamente quiere ver algo entretenido, pero que tambin quiere aprender de la cultura Argentina, su tiempo no sera perdido.

Leo M (nl) wrote: Ryan Phillippe and Michelle Gellar at their prime!! That is all I have to say.

Heather M (mx) wrote: This one so great. They picked the perfect child to play Dennis and Walter Matthau was a wonderful Mr. Wilson.

Blake P (de) wrote: "Desk Set" is a middle-of-the-road romantic comedy, a love story that finds its fifty plus-year-old actors fascinated by feelings they had given up on pursuing years ago. The romance in "Desk Set" is I had given up on marriage until now love, I love you but I like you more love, you saved me from a mid-life crisis love, not cheapened studio fare obsessed with the courtship of a fresh-faced blonde bombshell and a Robert Cummings lookalike. It's impossible not to admire the screen repartee perfected by Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Bogie and Bacall could cause an audience member to spontaneously combust with a cigarette lit make-out session; Garbo and Gilbert could start a house fire just by glancing at each other. Not Hepburn and Tracy. Though real-life lovers, their nine films together were never defined by sexual chemistry; never an issue was a will-they-or-won't they hot and heavy love scene. If anything romantic occurs between the two, they first must size each other up, figure out the other's IQ. Maybe they will find the time to peck the other on the cheek in spite of repressed affection, but partaking in particularly witty conversation is much more fruitful than tiresome romance. "Desk Set" is their most underrated hour; most favor 1949's wonderful "Adam's Rib" or 1942's "Woman of the Year" (whose popularity I am still perplexed by). Released in 1957, there is more studio flavor than usual, lavish CinemaScope photography having something to do with it -but a dexterity akin to "Designing Woman" is becoming for the two aged stars. The loud colors of the atmosphere, along with energy abundant dialogue, only reflect the pair's million-miles-a-minute personalities. We find comfort in seeing them together, relishing each other's company at the hands of a budget happy studio. Hepburn plays Bunny Watson, the head honcho of a TV network's research department. Knowledge hungry individuals call on an hourly basis, loaded with statistically minded questions. Bunny and her female associates, hardly breaking a nail, are almost human computers, able to recite obscure factual evidence as if it were a golden memory from their childhood. Problems arise when Richard Sumner (Spencer Tracy) arrives on the scene. An efficiency expert hoping to increase productivity in the research department, Richard hopes to eventually replace Bunny and her associates with a supercomputer. He doesn't make this quite clear right away, though; he instead inserts himself in the area, analyzing every moment, only slightly hinting at his ulterior motive. It doesn't take much time for a relationship to develop between Richard and Bunny, two lonelyhearts who never had the time, or the drive, to distract themselves with marriage. If only Bunny's longtime boyfriend (Gig Young), who hardly has plans for the future, would stop getting in the way! "Desk Set"'s premise is among the most dated (just take a look at that computer!) of the 1950s, but its charm has hardly faltered - in some ways, it has gotten better with age, as though its best characteristics were thrown into the air, its confetti exploding over our cynical hearts. Not much imagination is put into the direction or the set design - most of the film is locked in one setting - but Hepburn and Tracy kill (as does their always welcome co-star Joan Blondell), and the screenplay, written by husband and wife team Henry and Phoebe Ephron, positively glides with its seamless wit. It's all very lightweight and it's all very busy, but "Desk Set" is a shining fixture in the Hepburn/Tracy canon.

Sgt C (br) wrote: (47%)A slightly better than most family fantasy that sadly feels, despite the makers best efforts, too much like it was shot in a studio. The cast is good, but Tim Robbins is more than a little wasted and the quality of ideas run dry towards the end. it's a family film that adults won't hate watching, they many even enjoy it more than the kids.

C H (jp) wrote: "Amantes" S fica bom no fim. As mudanas que os personagens passam ao longo do filme so interessantes.

Tyler A (nl) wrote: better then I expected pretty well punisher meets van Helsing but it actually worked

Caitlin L (br) wrote: Slightly lackluster. Was missing something. Got better as it went on.