Nu, pogodi!

Nu, pogodi!


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2000
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  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,  

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Nu, pogodi! torrent reviews

John Y (es) wrote: Pretty good film about a spoiled prince trying to become a man. Very condensed and does not have a comic book feel to it at all, but that shouldn't matter if you love adventure films.

Nathan P (jp) wrote: it didn't have to be funny or moving in order for it to be a great movie. This movie did not even get good reviews, but I found it so interesting to watch 2 Jewish families compete to see who could throw a better and more expensive Bar Mitzvah Party. It brings out all the Jewish stereotypes about money and why some parts of society are so overly-obsessive about social status

Vicky B (br) wrote: (a table for 4) i randomly picked up this movie and was surprised. it isn't exactly fair to call it a thriller, it's more of a drama and the drama is what it focuses on. watch this movie with either low or no expectations at all and you'll be pleasantly surprised

Evan H (it) wrote: This movie is groundbreaking and has a very emotional outlook on AIDS. It has a huge cast that delivers well, thanks to excellent script and direction.

Mikal M (ru) wrote: Une des premieres rencontres cinematographiques des Depardieu Pere et Fils. Une emotion intense...

Sanal R (it) wrote: A charming black comedy with a pinch of crazy.

Andrea G (jp) wrote: Fantastic movie version of the dramma by Jean Paul Sartre:the interior prison of Franz Von Gerlach.Prison I understand 'cause I had to act the Franz role...Existentialist and Claustrophobic!

Robin V (au) wrote: A great follow up to it`s 1978 predacessor.

Kyle C (gb) wrote: Wow, that was a lot of bikes. This movie has a silly premise, Joseph Gordon Levitt on a bike for 90 minutes, but you know what, it works, and why, because he is a good enough actor to make it work and the filmmakers shot this just right where it made the experience more enjoyable. The other thing I must mention is that Michael Shannon (the Villain, I suppose if there is one) is now going to be referred to as Ray Liotta's twin brother that went missing after birth because my god, his mannerisms, his look and his craziness are all identical to Ray Liotta, now I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It's silly premise keeps it from being good, but it is very watchable which is always good. RECOMMENDED slightly.

Marta S (nl) wrote: It's not a comedy and it's simplistic, but it's a nice movie. At least end well - because in lesbian movies in the end end bad.Sorry to don't explore more Kitty caracther but in the end, it's a nice movie to see.