Nubes de verano

Nubes de verano

A married couple spend their summer holidays in a beach town. Little do they realize that a local Lothario hatches a plan to seduce the wife away from her husband.

Daniel (Roberto Enríquez), Ana (Natalia Millán), and their little boy, Manuel (Kevin Almodóvar), travel from Madrid to a resort on the Costa Brava for the summer. Ana runs into Marta (Irene Montalà of L'Auberge Espagnole), a local shopgirl whom she's met on previous visits. Marta introduces Ana to her cousin, Robert (David Selvas), who runs an antique shop. Robert is immediately attracted to Ana. Marta tells him that Ana is happily married, and confesses that she has a crush on Ana's husband, Daniel. Robert, intrigued, makes a pact with Marta. Robert will help Marta seduce Daniel if she will help Robert seduce Ana. One night, the cousins cunningly arrange to separate the couple, and some serious flirtation ensues. While Marta, casually dates a local surfer, Tomás (Roger Casamajor), begins to have second thoughts, Robert grows more obsessed with the couple. He befriends Daniel and peppers him with questions about the strength of his nine-year marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guillaume S (de) wrote: C'est pas le pire de Seagal

Victor J (fr) wrote: I only want to have a nice time, laugh a while and have a brief insight of different spanish stereotypes, this is the movie you're looking for.It's fun, it's spicy, a bit vulgar, a bit dark... "vamos gallego! come si tienes cojones!"

Steve G (fr) wrote: This movie has no idea what it wants to be. Horror, drama? It's not for children. It's not for adults. Grossly self-indulgent. It drags on & meditates on itself for endlessly long shots. It has no business being longer than a David Lean movie. Absurdly overambitious.That's the negative. On the positive side, it does create an effective world, full of nightmares & characters that feel somewhat real. After the aforementioned endless shots, where you feel like leaving the film, it brings you back.

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