Nugam is a 2013 Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by Jeffy and produced by Synergy Creations. The film features Jeybala, Iniya, Vijayakumar and Preethi in the lead roles. The film opened to negative reviews upon release on October 18, 2013.

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(nl) wrote: Excellent movie hilarious, action, sci-fi,amazing and it's about the angry video game nerd

Tanner S (fr) wrote: I am giving it a finger!

Ronnie S (ru) wrote: Kedelig og stereotyp komediefilm. Det er fint nok der intet nyt er, hvis det brugte er godt, men var da sku her. En tynd gang pulversovs fra lidl. Brun, men ku ha vret bearnaise.

Andreas W (us) wrote: Probably one of the best horror movies of it's century.

John D (br) wrote: Good action and good story line. Older movies seem to do better in getting the moviegoer engaged w/o totally wowing us with the special effects. It was tough to see the Lin, older sister, killed. I watched the movie over 10 years ago and still enjoy revisiting.

Keith F (us) wrote: I liked Shanghi Noon, but this sequel was just terrible. The acting, music and action scenes were on par with a bad Disney Movie. All I could think of was The Apple Dumpling Gang meets My Fair Lady. Most of the fight scenes looked more like bad Broadway dance numbers. With Chan, Wilson and this premise they had work hard to make a total flop, but somehow they managed.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Solid horror storyline compensates routine production--Chaos, chaos in the flesh!!

Brian G (gb) wrote: Very dark humoured Welsh film with fantastic performances and laugh out loud moments

Dan A (mx) wrote: Funny and entertaining. The cast was great!

Alejandro R (es) wrote: WOW! This film sucker-punched me. Very intelligent with some depth and a great ending wraps it all up really well. The teenage protagonist here does not survive the harsh inner city, but "conquers" it by being incredibly strategic and employing lessons that his distant father teaches him in chess. Probably not very realistic, but instead it adds a kind of mythic quality to the story. The young hero here goes through his journey and rights a number of wrongs getting some important lessons along the way.Even personally brought back some memories as I grew up in the area and recognized places from the 90s.

Bill T (us) wrote: A totally complex political intrigue story about a group of train travellers travelling through post war Eastern Europe (!!) get more then they bargained for when one of the travellers winds up murdered. He turns out to be a German ex-patriot working for a better Germany. But wait! He's actually living! That was a rogue! Soon, the travellers are hauled off the train to the US occupiied zone in Hamburg where they are grilled about this assassination. The group (led by Robert Ryan, who knows about these noirish things) find out there's more to this story then meets the eye, and do some investigasting of their own.. Yes, in post-war Germany. Rather interesting to use this as a background, and it is fun to listen to Ryan spurt out a travelogue on Bombed out Germany film-noir style (maybe worth the film alone) but the film gets AWFULLY murky, with character after character thrown in, leaving a multitude of subplots in it's wake. Maybe not all worth it...

Greg W (ca) wrote: cooper & dietrich sizzle in this pre-code adventure pic

rick t (de) wrote: this movie is creepy and amazing its a found footage film like paranormal activity and better i cant reccomend this one enough its awesome see it i love this i say make more horror like this

Javier d (ca) wrote: I jus saw the movie on cable, and i wonder about the review and find out rotten tomates did fresh this movie, really the movie great !!