Hudson Milbank is a successful Hollywood screenwriter who suddenly and strangely finds himself without any emotional feelings. He tries doctor after doctor and shrink after shrink, but nothing works. The Golf Channel, lesbian exercise classes and a dizzying variety of pills get him through the day, but don't quite solve his problem. His writing partner tries everything to get him back to normal, but it's not until Hudson meets Sara that he finds a real motivation to get better and to actually start feeling again. From the writer of Deuce Bigalow, comes NUMB, a romantic comedy following an unusual man looking for strange love.

The movie centers on a depressed screenwriter named Hudson Milbank who desperately seeks a cure for his anxieties and struggles to be his most charming self in order ton win the girl of his dreams over. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Numb torrent reviews

Patrick D (kr) wrote: Light romantic comedy that gets an extra star for a scene involving dry ice in a toilet bowl.

Yvonne M (kr) wrote: This movie was interesting at first. It seemed like it was going to have some sort of twist at the end, but it didn't. It was a pointless movie. I was very disappointed. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins, though. They're amazing actors and the reason why I wanted to see this movie to begin with. Other than them, boo to this movie. It sucks! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Lcfr M (it) wrote: Interesting....if you have netflix watch it!

Private U (gb) wrote: not bad for a movie with low cost

Christopher B (us) wrote: Feel good ending after a couple of rich brats finally go through a rough patch as adults. Excellent locations & props - and a quality cast that knows how to deliver a line all wrapped up in a Goldie Hawn production.

Philip P (de) wrote: There's a parallel universe where M. Night Shyamalan was commissioned by the BBC drama department, issued the same budget they gave Bob Blagden to realise the Blake's 7 title sequence, and made this film. Who you gonna call? Parky.

Jane H (au) wrote: Nothing original about the storyline - but quite a sweet film.

David S (jp) wrote: Damn More 4 for showing bloody good films in the middle of my day off! Since a new version of the Robin Hood story is coming out soon it's good to look back at another version of the legend, even if it is the part most film versions leave out. Basic plot: Robin and John return from the 2nd Crusades after being away from Sherwood for 20 years. Having been reunited with Marian and a few of his Merry Men he decides to revisit his glory days against the Sheriff, with disasterous consequences. This is the part of the legend that most people won't be familiar with, probably because it has a very downbeat ending. However, personally I find this to be the most interesting part of the Robin Hood story. Connery was on a great role at this point in his career. He'd just done 'The Man Who Would be King' with Caine and would soon move onto 'The First Great Train Robbery' with Sutherland. He'd managed to distance himself from the role of Bond with some great performances but people still remembered him fondly as the dashing hero; in other words he was perfect for the role of an ageing Robin Hood. Hepburn hadn't done much screen work since the late 60's but was still a stunner and you can imagine her as a Marian Connery's Robin would have loved. When you start to add Harris as a mad Richard the Lionheart and Shaw as a noble Sheriff then you have one hell of a cast. Include some notable English thesps such as Holm, Williamson, Elliott and good old Ronnie Barker and you begin to wonder why this film isn't more known. Richard Lester does a great job with this story. He'd just done the Muskateer films (another couple of personal favourites) and enjoyed taking legendary stories but showing them in a reality based context. Therefore we have no bright colours and hollywood touches here. You believe these people live in a forest and that they are old and suffer from real ailments. This is typified perfectly at the end with the fight between the Sheriff and Robin. There is nothing glamourous about it, just two old and tired men trying to best each other with swords they can barely lift. It's tragic but also uplifting. The end of this film gets me every time. I always cry because I love the characters and John Barry's score and some Oscar worthy acting from Connery, Hepburn and Williamson lift the scene to a completely different level. One day someone might make a two-part film that shows the whole Robin Hood legend. The first part will be the story most know leading up to Robin going off to the 2nd Crusades with Richard. The 2nd will be this story. Altogether it will be the ultimate film. Until that time I will happily return to this film and remind myself why I like the legend and why Connery, Hepburn et al will remain the quintessential movie stars of all time!

Stephen V (de) wrote: change partners is in this one, classic

Calvin G (gb) wrote: This was better then the live action movie with Ryan Reynolds!