Number 9

Number 9


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1954
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  • Reference:Imdb
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Number 9 torrent reviews

Klavs P (br) wrote: The first one was not exactly good but also not the worst horror comedy ever. I never saw part II (and probably never will after seeing part III.) It's so fucking lame that you just stop wondering after a few minutes. Not even the blood and gore and the few funny jokes can make up for it. It utterly sucks.

Alejandro L (us) wrote: Es la tpica comedia-drama en donde no hay risas, pero si mucho drama. Puede verse un domingo en la tarde sin mucho que hacer.

Adrian A (br) wrote: horrible movie!! i hated it so much!

Andrew R (au) wrote: A movie I thought was pretty creepy and good until I found out the behind the scenes of the flick and now I can't even enjoy it.

JJ J (es) wrote: bug's bunny piece of **** i rather have a buffalo take a diarrea dump in my ear than watch this film!

Lucie F (ca) wrote: Em 1893, o escritor HG Wells inventa uma mquina do tempo e precisa us-la para impedir Jack, o Estripador de cometer crimes em 1979. Ele ento vai para o futuro e para em... San Francisco. Guilty pleasure e nada alm disso.

Des S (br) wrote: I enjoyed this remake because it kept to the same story as the original, but brought it into modern times.

Liliana M (ru) wrote: My lil girl lovez tinkerbell

Simon D (ru) wrote: Compared to the other Cronenberg fim I've seen recently (Shivers), this is a masterpiece, it's really just an interesting film. In the context of 80's US horrors, it's quite a weird one. Debbie Harry put's in the best film performance I've seen from her. The subject matter is a little concerning but the film doesn't go very far down the wrong route so it's alright. The story is a bit dumb, I think it's a cynical reflection on TV viewing habits and the dangers of watching disturbing stuff.

Leslie D (de) wrote: Must-see controversial thriller. Kinda sad but still unsettling.