Nur kasih: The Movie

Nur kasih: The Movie


Nur Kasih The Movie is a story of how a family faces every test from God. Death of Aidil's wife had a profound impact, especially on Aidil own. He was accompanied by his two children, namely Illyas and Mariam. Aidil's brother named Adam and his wife Nur Amina also helped to inspire Aidil. After Aidil recovered, Adam and Nur Amina returned to the city to live normal lives. After many attempts, finally Nur Amina was pregnant. This good news has make everyone happy, especially Adam himself. But that happiness is not long lasting because it was a miscarriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nur kasih: The Movie torrent reviews

Rosanna B (nl) wrote: This movie is even worse than the original, boasting terrible dialogue, an awful plot and such weak characterization that it was hard to watch the entire 45 minutes of this film`s playtime. Perhaps this movie is good for small children and die hard fans but just like the first, this movie does a terrible job of portraying its subject manner, making watching it difficult for anyone else. It is obvious that the creators did not bother to learn anything about wolves, how these animals really behave or perhaps worst of all, anything about Jasper National Park, the film`s apparent setting. (If you intend to set a film in a factual place, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy make it LOOK like that place!) There are glaring continuity issues between this film and the first, not to mention some happenings which make no sense whatsoever. This is an awful film which is really only suited for little kids. To those who love the Canadian Rockies, Canada and wolves, this one is another bomb at what could be an exciting setting for a movie if written right, however this has not been. If this franchise is trying to become the next Balto, they are failing miserably!

Michael H (ru) wrote: Exciting creepy previews, dark scenes, the wonders, and anticipating this film was disappointing as I could have gotten! was worse.This was one of those movies that made me angry from the disappointment. It seemed to have potential...but I was left in shreds of what the hell antics! Just plain poor!

Rick V (us) wrote: This is one of those rare documentaries in which the film maker is not evident and the subjects of the film tell their story. It is compelling, touching and powerful.

Jasmeet S (mx) wrote: one killer movie wich i liked 2 watch again

Grant H (nl) wrote: Very good movie. While it's not as laugh-out-loud funny and its jokes aren't quite as sharp as the first, its warm-hearted and more dramatic tone give the film a more matured feeling, and has great performances from its cast, especially Cube and Cedric.

matt d (it) wrote: Much better than I expected, which, admittedly, ain't saying much.

Ernie T (ru) wrote: French filmmakers who were chronicling a NYC fire battalion capture the events of that day and put you right the middle of it as it happened.

Glenn C (gb) wrote: Himalaya is an incredible film and I am completely staggered by it. How on Earth they managed to shoot some of the scenes in this film is beyond me. It was filmed in Nepal in regions only accessible by foot. All of its characters are played by real chiefs and tribes-people. The cinematography is breathtaking and some of the sequences are flabbergasting (one particular scene involving a treacherous passage around a mountain is astounding). It's a story about two generations with differing beliefs, one bound to tradition (trusting in the Gods) and the other in favour of newer logical ways and the whole story takes its place during an annual caravan across the mountains to trade salt for grain. It plays out very much like a classic western in many ways and it is captivating until the very end. Highly recommended!

Rebekah K (ca) wrote: Excellent performances by Ray Fiennes and Cate Blanchett, but overall movie was confusing at times and never let you have a moment of contentment. Worth a viewing, but not a repeat for me.

Marcelo B (mx) wrote: Me interesa ver esta pelcula por la accin y suspenso que promete

TTT C (au) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up A funny film.

Larry C (kr) wrote: I do NOT really recall it

Wes S (kr) wrote: Slow, boring, and annoying. The characters are uninteresting and the plot is very unoriginal. The killer is alright but doesn't do a whole lot. There's a very long slow scene where he shakes a car around. It get's aggravating. The ending isn't very good either. Overall, there's not a lot to expect from this slow dumb slasher flick.

Craig C (ag) wrote: Two great actors trapped in an embarrassing script. Worst Film of 1989.