Nurse Betty

Nurse Betty

What happens when a person decides that life is merely a state of mind? If you're Betty, a small-town waitress and soap opera fan from Fair Oaks, Kansas, you refuse to believe that you can't be with the love of your life just because he doesn't really exist. After all, life is no excuse for not living. Traumatized by a savage event, Betty enters into a fugue state that allows -- even encourages -- her to keep functioning... in a kind of alternate reality.

Comedy about a widow's post-traumatic obsession with a soap star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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courtney b (nl) wrote: I watched this on tv it is awesome. I LOVE THE WINX CLUB

Debanjan C (br) wrote: Better than I expected. Decent plot, good chemistry and some nice light moments. Worth a watch!

Dan G (kr) wrote: This is an absolutely amazing drama. Thrilling, suspenseful, full of action, and a story that leaves you hanging until the end. I highly recommend it. The star of the movie was the creeper in the Lovely Bones. He does an A+ job.

Adriano B (kr) wrote: This asinine wanna-be satyrical documentary lacks the fundamental requisites of the genre: not engaging, not moving, not biting. Spurlock, speaking of sensibility, after visiting villages by the dunes plagued by famine and thirst, closes with a scene with is wife shooting the baby in a pool full of water. Kudos.

Jen M (ca) wrote: Good book, horrible movie

Drew L (es) wrote: This was a great movie, a little slow, but well done. The acting was superb and I loved how the narrative was put together. There were 3 different story lines that eventually come together but never do you feel confused or flustered by it. You definitely feel connected somewhat to each story and character even if you've never actually experienced these events. That says a lot about the writing and acting, even though it's based on a true story.

Sara B (br) wrote: Fabuloussssssssssssss!

Jaeyoung L (kr) wrote: Indeed a beautiful movie in Veitnam. mostly a romantic story and chaos part of its history...

Lucas M (it) wrote: Paul Mazursky's best film ever! A beautiful story with a freshing screenplay, directing and the acting of Art Carney, Academy Award winner by is role in this movie. Harry and Tonto is touching.

Shamith G (ag) wrote: This is a good popcorn action movie with a sublime plot and works very well till the end until to the point where Stallone who acted brilliantly till then, starts crying like a baby. That never ending crybaby scene was really awful to watch otherwise we could had one of the best action movies of the 80s..

GM W (kr) wrote: Jodie Foster is awesome. Flightplan is an awesome movie.

Brett C (br) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Judging from its premise and its first act, I truly thought that I was going to love this film. It seemed to be trying to grasp an idea that was somewhat similar to what Sam Mendes was trying to convey on American Beauty about "normal" society, but as the film kept running, flaws started to appear particularly in its core story between Enid and Seymour. I was not able to connect with the relationship that the film was trying to establish, not for a lack of understanding but rather I felt it could have been handled differently and still would have produced a somewhat similar effect. Though this sort of criticism is purely based on subjectivity and others do not have to agree with me. If there was one aspect of the film that left me impressed, it was Thora Birch's performance as the sarcastic outcast. Her performance, and the way director, Terry Zwigoff, handled it, allowed the character to become much more than just a protagonist but also a symbol for the unique and artistic members out there in society. These individuals simply want to express themselves and live a lifestyle that suits their needs, but society is simply not flexible enough to allow it; they see them as unpredictable and lacking in potential for achievement. The film, I felt does not resolve itself by emphasising this, but instead promotes the idea of avoidance, rather than demonstrating attributes of strength and will in order to cement themselves and express their existence to the world. I doubt what I was saying made any sense to anyone reading this, but it certainly felt rational in my mind. I suggest on giving Ghost World a go, as it isn't an awfully constructed film, it just didn't compliment my distinctive taste.

Jennifer T (fr) wrote: Not my favorite film starring Julia Roberts but it was okay. Mediocre.