A high-class call girl kills a customer in self-defense. To avoid scandal, her parents try to have her declared mentally incompetent. Not helping matters is that she is very distrustful of everybody, including her court-appointed attorney, and is very disruptive during her court hearings.

A high-class call girl accused of murder fights for the right to stand trial rather than be declared mentally incompetent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian W (au) wrote: A really engrossing look at how US soul music reached the UK in the 70's and the scene that accompanied it.Great performances from the well known actors but the main actors who are not that well known, along with the superb soundtrack, really steal the show and keep you watching.

Aubrey P (us) wrote: Phineas and Ferb is the reason I don't completely hate Disney channel. Who knew that a show about two mismatched brothers who can create high tech devices in order to fulfill the best day ever, along with a pet platypus that lives a double life as a secret agent would end up being such a big hit? But the writers put their damnest into this! They managed to take almost nothing and turn it into something! It has likeable characters, it's funny, it's creative, it has catchy songs (even if some if them make no sense), it makes fun of every little cliche you know. It even makes fun of itself! And as for their first big movie....AMAZING!! This show gives me hope that Disney can still shine with originality and creativity, and have us coming back wanting more.

Kara H (fr) wrote: I try to stay open to things I watch. Maybe if I was into modeling or knew someone that modeled for a living then this would be interesting. Boring.

Huda N (mx) wrote: i really wanna see this movie and i really wanna lsn to the jonas brothers music video hold on in the bonus features and their interview!!!!!love jb!!!

Ross M (ru) wrote: What happens when you take one part badass guy riding a motorcycle, throw in one part small time crime syndicate terrorizing a reservation, and Dolph Lundgren? Missionary Man! Telling the story of Ryder (Lundgren), Missionary Man finds Ryder riding (I know, it's a horrible name!) into town for a funeral, beating up the local thugs, and showing off how badass he is. How badass is he? He drinks Tequila, with no salt or lime! He reads a Bible! And he rides an older motorcycle! If those three things don't scream badass to you, I don't know what does. This does not sit well with the local gang leader, local business man, and all around douchey redneck, John Reno. Reno is trying to focus not only on his men getting beat up, but also on trying to get the tribe to agree to building a casino. He had already killed off his main opposition to the idea, but when the tribe decides to go against him, he decides that he has to kill the rest of the family of his, now deceased competition. Ryder, of course, protects the family which consists of Nancy (who may or may not have been Ryder's wife in the distant past), Kiowa, and Junior (both of whom may or may not be Ryder's children). Can Ryder clean up the town? Will Reno succeed in killing Ryder? As you can tell, this is a thrill a minute film (I'm winking in case you haven't noticed) which has the infamous Dolph "Triple Threat" Lundgren. That's right! Dolph wrote, directed, and starred in Missionary Man! All laughing aside, there are some poisitive points to Missionary Man. For example, the action sequences did have some moments that were appropriately shocking, and disgusting. The gun play was somewhat fun, and there were some attractive women in the background of a few scenes scattered throughout the film. Sadly, that is not nearly enough to make a good film, or even a good "B" film, or even an homage to a Grindhouse film. In fact, there's not even all that much to the film. The fight scenes are all far too short, and there is NEVER a single moment where you could even consider Ryder to be in some sort of danger. Well, I suppose could worry that he might trip over a loose board, but who's honestly going to think about that during an action flick? It also doesn't help that Ryder winds up beating the same group of guys about three to four times with seemingly no effort at all! Let's go over some film making basics:1. To maintain the audience's attention, there needs to be conflict and tension. There is not any tension in this film! The only time there ever could be any, it involves a group of muscle bound men shooting a skinny little drug addict and then running away! Besides a lack of tension, there is also the blatant mystification of Ryder. While it is good to show the people of the town creating a legend out of the hero, they should have more to go on than "He drinks tequila straight up, and reads a bible!" I swear that I heard at least three different bad guys give out that information. Do we really need to hear each step in the ladder learning that completely useless information? Unless you're going to poison him to death, or are planning on offending him by shouting out scripture from the book of satan, I think that the writer should find ways to vary (or just cut out) the way the higher ups find out about Ryder. Also, I would just like to say that drinking Tequila straight up (unless it's cheap tequila, like cuervo) does not make you a badass, nor is it all that awful. Apparently the people of the town are just a bunch of wussies that only drink PBR. Overall, Missionary Man is a failure of a film that may entertain someone who has their expectations set as low as possible. As for me, I'm going to go ride a vespa, read a book of mormon, and drink vodka with NO orange juice. Badass.

Brad S (us) wrote: Certainly not a perfect movie, but it was intriguing none the less.

Taina S (de) wrote: A great touching story, Tom Wilkinson is fantastic, again.

Private U (fr) wrote: It's like what "Brokeback Mountain" would have looked like if Robert Downey Sr. was behind it. It's not a very good movie, but it's not a movie I can ignore.

Willie J (gb) wrote: Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum have wonderful chemistry together. They carry the movie on their backs and their performances. "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison" is similar to "The African Queen" in that it is a story of a bonding between two unlikely friends on an isolated are. The two films also share qualities of beautiful cinematography and some thrilling, suspenseful moments.

Davey M (jp) wrote: What a lovely, lovely movie. Genial is the word to describe it. Genial. And amiable. Genial and amiable. Everything is pulled off with such unbelievable effortlessness, from the perfect screenplay to the perfect performances to the perfect direction to the perfect score. There aren't a lot of romantic comedies about marriage, and when there are they're usually heavier--"Genevieve" is one of the most joyous romantic comedies ever, and instead of courtship it deals with something much more central to romance: conflict within marriage, and its resolution and reconciliation (in that way it's like Hawks' "Monkey Business," only infinitely more British, and probably even better, though both are great films). There aren't a lot of belly laughs, but, in the tradition of the Ealing comedies (this isn't one, but it sure does feel like it much of the time) it's almost better for it--it's a movie that makes you smile and really feel something throughout almost all of its running time, and as the film and its titular character lurch towards the literal and figurative finish line, a movie I described as "amiable" manages also to be very thrilling. There are a lot of admirable movies, but "Genevieve" is better than admirable--it's lovable.

Daniel C (au) wrote: A young girl running from her past arrives in Southport to start fresh.Of course, once she gets there she can't help but fall for local store owner and recently widowed Alex. There's the typical elements of a romance film there given the fact Alex has two children, one who is excited at the idea of a new 'mother figure' and the other a bit more resistant. All the while, we're left wondering about Katie's past though which ultimately does catch up with her - and perhaps not in the way we'd have originally thought.This was a nice inoffensive movie and even though I picked the ending, for me it was more a 'oh wow, I was right' rather than 'I knew it!'