NYC: Tornado Terror

NYC: Tornado Terror

An unexplained, local split in the atmosphere causes a series of total unpredictable, yet devastating tornadoes. Rookie fireman Brian Flynn gets trapped in the underground sewage with his girlfriend, deputy mayor James 'Jim' Lawrence and climatologist Dr. Cassie Lawrence's niece Lori. Mayor Leonardo of New York initially refuses to pay proper attention to the phenomenon, a 'reelection threat', so the alert status remains too low for long. Atypical lightning discovered inside tornadoes adds unprecedented dangers. The Lawrences and aeronautics renegade Dr. Lars Liggenhorn conceive a possible solution by launching rockets, but NASA's Dr. Quinn overrules them, imposing standard silver iodine.

What appears to be harmless little whirlwinds and dust devils turns out to be a precursor to something a lot more deadlier and ends up threatening New York City's very existence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Krysta B (ru) wrote: this promises to be as good as hella controversial..this is what might happen when we take our spirituality and place in someone else's hands..we ALL have inner guidance to help us navigate and sometimes it IS important to give yourself away and feel it, in order to really stand in your own selfEmpowerment. I am not a sheeple, thanks to my mother.

Robin P (it) wrote: I love Josh Holloway from "Lost" and I had never seen him in anything else so this was on TV and I had to watch. Not my favorite brand of movies...demonic children. Josh did good in his role and it was great seeing him act as someone other than Sawyer :)

Walter M (au) wrote: "Oyster Farmer" starts with Jack(Alex O'Loughlin) giving a ride to Pearl(Diana Glenn) in his boat, making him late for work at the oyster farm run by Brownie(David Field). Aside from Brownie's dad(Jim Norton), Jack is about the only employee. Well, there might have been more if Brownie's wife Trish(Kerry Armstrong) had not left him. To be honest, it is not the job that attracted Jack to the area, but to be close to his sister Nikki(Claudia Harrison) who is recuperating at a local hospital from a car accident. However, the hospital stay is getting expensive and the insurance is running out, so Jack does the only sensible thing and robs an armored truck... "Oyster Farmer" is a sweet, gentle and meandering slice of life movie, set in a place where a good day's work is valued above most everything else which fits in well with what they used to say about best laid plans. Due to the men finding the work of oyster farming so difficult, a certain machismo erupts in the area.(It is hard to make a case for the area being a backwaters when it is so scenic.) That keeps women away emotionally and physically which costs the men in more ways than one. For example, Trish is a lot smarter than her estranged husband gives her credit for.

Cassie M (jp) wrote: this is definitely worth seeing, a bit over the top but this movie's got a great message behind it

Aiyaunda C (gb) wrote: This was a really good film. It was very sexual film. But like I said, what movie isn't? It was like a true Lifetime movie.

Austyn Y (es) wrote: Wow this was excellent, I had no idea what this was about it just came on tv and so I watched and was amazed! Great acting, the story is very deep and emotional and keeps you at the edge of your seat even without action, how could this be you say well I don't know either but it works and it delivers the thrills.

Jamie J (mx) wrote: The best ever road movie ever!!!

Adam S (br) wrote: It's far from a bad movie, and it has somehow become a highly-remembered erotic thriller. Perhaps mostly for THAT scene with Sharon Stone in the interrogation chair, but still."Basic Instinct" is the story of a detective investigating a novelist who wrote about a murder in a novel, before that exact murder was carried out on her bedroom partner. As the damaged detective and the manipulative suspect begin their game of cat-and-mouse, they begin to start a sexual relationship, with both parties thinking that they are playing the other.The cast is very strong, with a number of 90's mainstays including Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Wayne Knight. All of the actors are on point, and seem realistically involved in the multiple erotic scenes (which kind of disturbing, come to think of it, but it works for the film).There are problems with this film, there's no denying. There's plot elements designed purely as media talking points (lesbian relationships, Sharon Stone crossing her legs). But overall, this is a fairly gripping thriller without an immediately obvious ending, which is a positive.3 and a half stars.

Bryan W (de) wrote: i know i've seen this...but i don't remember a thing.

Greg W (ca) wrote: my fave pre-code Marx brothers

Arjun A (ca) wrote: Still makes me misty eyed.

Andruw F (br) wrote: Watch this at night, in a completely dark house, for maximum viewing pleasure! Fantastic performances across the board, writing that has a great story but also great dialogue, and directing that is very excellent in many ways, but succeeds in making the movie feel like it's in it's own world. This is my fourth favorite movie of all time. The extended edition isn't bad, but I wouldn't recommend watching it.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Worth watching would like to see and study.

Paul M (us) wrote: A great film with a great cast...Capra's last film and very worthy of his name!

JeanPaul S (mx) wrote: A different sort of a main character for a different sort of a movie. And, it's quite bold for the 40's. Film-noir fans should especially check this out.