Nydelige nelliker

Nydelige nelliker

Classic Norwegian Comedy from the 1960's. The Capital City of Norway is changing for the alleged better after WWII, yet not everyone wants anything to change, Living in their own way, not willing to accept truth, free enterprise and each other, As a result they spend plenty of time inside prison...

Hovedstaden er blitt en riktig pen by. Tidsmessige bygg ruver snart over alt, der de gamle rønnene er jevnet med jorden. Men en selsom bukett av nydelige nelliker lever videre. De hverken ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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samuel c (ru) wrote: I cant think of a single positive thing to say about this film. Um, seriously. Bad acting, uninspired camera work, bad writing. Even the thought of seeing some male strippers might be interesting, but even that is dull.

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Mateus Z (ca) wrote: Ozon is one of my favorite contemporary directors. He manages to tell his stories of human relations with great subtlety, never falling into banality or looking for dramatism at any cost. He also avoids being overly contemplative, which in French cinema often means slow and boring. The casting is not a spotless as in his other films, but we still deal with master class over here. Unfortunately the episodic structure means that the less enticing fragments can be received more negatively than they would withing classical narrative, but fortunately none of them is that bad. A great modern relationship study and at times an interesting character sketch that leaves a lot of space for the viewer to make up his own mind.

Gregory M (au) wrote: Wedding clearly isn't for everyone. The plot made this movie, the movie that it is. I loved the English comedy in it, and I loved the whole idea of the plot. The story is basically brought to us through the events of four weddings and a funeral and I find this extremely refreshing and unique. Most of the twists though were no twists but I had I good time watching this. There is something in the central romance that didn't work out, but at the end of the story this is what this movie was all about. Not the typical kind of romance where a happy ending equals a marriage ceremony and a delighted couple.

Chad S (br) wrote: If I could only have 5 movies to watch for the rest of my life, this would be one of them.

Stefan G (ag) wrote: While it might have been decent in its time, this rollicking country-fried car chase flick hasn't aged well at all. I can't really say anything much about the story, other than it seems rather than and a little contrived. I probably wouldn't expect much, considering this is a film whose primary methods of storytelling are car chases and trucker slang. The characters aren't much, and many of them have only the bare minimum of personality. I get the sense that the writers were trying to pass the Bandit as a modern day cowboy, and at least they accomplished that. He's brash, he's crude, and he seems to constantly flout the law wherever he goes. Speaking of that, you know you're watching a film with bad writing if the antagonist is someone you're flat out supposed to hate. Case in point, the eponymous Sheriff Smokey (a.k.a. Buford T. Justice) is deliberately unlikable, mostly because he shouts at people who, for the most part, haven't done anything wrong. It just seems like the writers want you to side with the jerkass cowboy without question, ensuring that with a poorly written police sheriff. The production values are actually fairly good for the time, and the music isn't too bad, but it doesn't make up for an action-comedy with so-so car chases and barely and a largely unfunny script.

Harry T (de) wrote: Touche avec sensibilit plusieurs aspects de la socit qubcoise des annes 40. Certains en voie de disparition: l'importance de la famille, la proximit de la communaut, la place de l'glise en socit, le dur labeur des mineurs et bcherons et de leurs femmes et de leurs flopes d'enfants. D'autres qui transcendent le temps et la nationalit: la perte de l'innocence, l'abus de l'enfance, l'chec marital, l'infidelit, l'exploitation des travailleurs... Peut-tre pas le film qubcois le plus russi, mais certainement le plus dfinissant que j'ai vu.

Private U (fr) wrote: Fantastisk morsom film :o) Vincent Price er jo altid en fantastisk n.

(ag) wrote: Funny and it worked on the storyline and fun.