An urban husband and wife travel to the jungle and learn just how precious their relationship is.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   dream,   forest,  

An urban husband and wife travel to the jungle and learn just how precious their relationship is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John P (kr) wrote: Meh... Nothing more.

Saharat S (jp) wrote: Relives the disenchantment over the 2004 election---its a reminder of those issues back then and the anger and dismay ove the Bush Victory---done well, but nothing groundbreaking---it does question whether protests are meaningful---whether anyone cares or if anyone is paying attention---kind of a call to get involved however that may be-the Anna Paquin (Iraqi war verteran) is kind of interesting

Eve C (de) wrote: Absolutely one of the most annoying things I've ever watched. The over acting, the talking over each other, the incomplete scenes, like others have stated... the caricatures make this movie unwatchable.

Katia L (jp) wrote: I really loved this movie...sooooo sweet...! I am sooo glad that inner city kids in New York have this opportunity in their lives... I wish this happen more everywhere...I wish I had myself... !

Alejandro S (ca) wrote: Este es un filme poco conocido de Gary Oldman. Yo tuve la suerte de pescarlo en cable por casualidad y aunque el filme tiene sus flaquezas en ritmo de la trama, realmente lo recomiendo mucho ya que el rol que realiza Gary Oldman es formidable ya que l interpreta a una persona que sufre del sindrome de enanismo. Con un gran juego de cmaras y la capacidad de actuacin de Oldman, se logra crear la fantasa de que l realmente es enano. Por qu castearlo a l y no a un actor que sufriera realmente ese sindrome? Buena pregunta. Es innegable que hay varios actores en el mercado con esa limitacin fsica que podra haberlo hecho y hubiera sido una gran oportunidad para cualquiera de ellos, pero igualmente uno se puede preguntar porqu Daniel Day-Lewis hizo de un hombre con atrofia que solo poda mover su pie izquierdo y no buscar a alguien con ese problema que pudiera actuar? Yo lo veo desde el punto de vista del reto de interpretar un papel que te exige ms all de lo que normalmente haz hecho fsicamente. Y puedo asegurarles que es increble ver a Gary Oldman haciendo de este personaje, sabiendo que aunque no sea un gigante, es una persona de estatura promedio y aqu usted lo v sin tener dudas de que es una persona con el sndrome de enanismo. Solo por eso, vale mucho sacar el rato y ver el filme si tienen la oportunidad.

Joshua L (kr) wrote: watching The cast of actors act was worth watching. The movie itself was ok.

Logan O (kr) wrote: Weird Al doesn't age a bit.

Jose M (au) wrote: Terror Train comes to us as we have a number of young and party ready college students going aboard the Terror Train. One of the party ready students is the very prudish Jamie Lee Curtis as she wine and complains again. We have Ben Johnson as the conductor. Dang, he has a pretty good voice I picture him going around the train singing. There is going to be music and games, but there is also going to be a magic show with David Copperfield. We then join and party inside the train where we are stalked by a very uninteresting and boring killer that switches masks back and forth. Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis goes on and on being very prudish which makes us follow Ben Johnson. The movie is neither scary nor suspenseful, but it is a better film than Prom Night. I am sure there was another movie with a killer on a train, but only that film was concentrating on suspense. Here we have some decent aftermath gore. What is that? Aftermath gore is the results after someone is killed. It does not show you the scene of the cut happening, but it does show you after the violence are committed. What is worse is some of the tepid acting from the teenage cast, but not so much on Ben Johnson and David Copperfield. There are some funny bits, but not enough to really recommend it. I would have given this a 1 1/2 star, but I will give it 2 because of the decent performance from Ben Johnson and extra point from Copperfield. I do not think I will step into this train anytime soon. What a cool name, Spottiswoode. I thought it was Spottingwood.

BruceGifford J (es) wrote: I just don't like this film. I can understand why people might, but it's too goofy, campy, and over the top for my taste.