The life of Nynne is based on GUCCI bags and Chanel products, carpaccio and countless visits to cafés, loose relationships with men who screams 'good luck!' when they cum, unused memberships to the local gym and a lenient relationship with mixing champagne, white wine, red wine, cognac, gin, tequila and beer. It goes with out saying: Nynne has yet to experience her Kodak moment.

The Danish Bridget Jones . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Twig T (au) wrote: i like films with a very focused setting and atmosphere. what could be more focussed than a movie taking place entirely within a car. I'd say this is... psychologically gripping... even if your moral orientation doesnt quite align, it's worth a watch.

Adrian U (it) wrote: Came for the plot, stayed for Green. This film had so much potential I wish they had exploited it all. Still, good photography and music.

Tabitha M (ru) wrote: So of course you don't come into a movie like this with high expectations or under the impression that this will be a cultured, highbrow night of theater.This film is actually enjoyable - once you've locked up all your your brain and that little voice pleading with you to not indulge in such a cliched plot and poor euphemisms.

Paul M (fr) wrote: I don't think Othello should be made with teens killing each other

Stanley C (de) wrote: Conquest actually had potential, but it didn't come up on screen since the characters and plot wasted it on dull preaching about anti-dictatorship and anti-oppression. Rise of the Planet of the Apes has a much better written script and even better visual effects than Conquest.

Andrew W (nl) wrote: A pleasant enough comedy that paved the way for the TV series Bewitched.

Klee M (it) wrote: Lovely. Very romantic. Cute comedy. Good thing it's silent because I'd probably grow to hate this movie if I actually heard the actors' voices, as I do with real theater people I come in contact with. It's a terrible shame the movie's out of print.

Tyler S (us) wrote: A movie that is strictly dialogued based, this film shows the side of tarantino that we have seen many times before, but with more interaction which is saying a ton. The movie is long, and at times very drawn out. However that being said, basically what you have is a wide range of characters, all thrown together in a strange setting. all with different personalities and intentions. Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell were brilliant I thought as always.While the film was unique simply based on the director alone, I did think the movie did feature a little too much dialogue, and too less suspense.The movie did build up nicely for what was a bloody conclusion, but the payoff wasn't as high as it the buildup offered.The movie really didn't have many different settings, it just simply takes place in the winter time in a remote cabin.The movie is violent like his previous works, and man he is the master at having people interact with each other as I referenced before. Never have I seen a filmmaker make boring exciting and thats what I can say most about this man.An overall exceptional yet different entry into the Tarantino catalogue.