Hot young stars, a hip, driving soundtrack, plus a provocative tale of jealousy and betrayal combine to create this controversial modern-day version of Shakespeare's classic, "Othello." O is Odin James (Mekhi Phifer), the school's star basketball player and future NBA hopeful. Even though he's the only black student at the elite Palmetto Grove Academy...

The movie focuses on a young black man named Odin who is convinced by a conniving best friend, Hugo that his girlfriend is cheating on him. This Dixie Jago schemes to bring down a black Othello and his Cassio, playing into the poisonous power of jealousy, however badly this also hurts their loved ones and the whole team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam B (us) wrote: Football did more for civil rights than anyone else, Fifa did more for world peace than the UN and Fifa is suggested to be God.Between those claims made in the film it also, much like a black hole, causes a time dilating effect that makes the 1 hour 50 minute film feel like several days.

Jeremy H (ag) wrote: I've never read any Sherlock Holmes and I'm notLikely to any time soon, this film is entertaining , really well done - I like how the dialogue always seems to indicate Holmes as a deluded investigator in a setting where all these nuances go in noticed - also his experimentation and friendly yet competitive Banta wit Watson. All put on a change the tide of war believable save the world kind of story. Also using great hi speed sequences to tell a moment of glory! Holmes accent is acceptable plausible and I love the urban camouflagia - - do a slasher Holmes ...

Camille L (fr) wrote: Au fil des annees, Michael Moore est passe d'un documentariste a un polemiste. Capitalism : A Love Story est un film totalement biaise qui tourne malheureusement au prechi-precha assez penible dans la deuxieme heure, tout en gardant son talent visuel indeniable et son talent pour orchestrer des sequences tres efficace en montage. Mais la formule s'essoufle.

James R (br) wrote: loved this charlie sheen film

Matt M (nl) wrote: The film chronicles the indirect and direct involvement of a family in the social and political changes of the Basque region in Spain in the late 19th century. Medem's film is a great social portrayal of a situation, very stylised by a great photography that often juxtaposes the fast moving scenes and plots with the stillness of the cows in the farm land of the inhabitants of the region. It is however almost unbearably cold and unwilling to set up any defined emotional bridge with its viewer.

Ryan R (kr) wrote: The story is mostly boring and predictable with a few interesting points. The setting amazingly captures the 80s and everyone is dressed accordingly. Outside the story, setting, and costumes. The main actress Robyn Lively is a terrible actress and brings the entire movie down a notch. The sound and mixing quality of the film is my biggest issue. At one minute the music is blasting and almost overmodulated, the next thing the volume of the dialogue is so low you can't hear them speak. It's worth a watch, but nothing more.

Joel L (de) wrote: Omg!! How desperate was Connery to be a part of this horrible movie.

Lauren M (us) wrote: I want to make movies like this.

Anna C (ag) wrote: a great adventure..I really enjoyed it.

Elwing T (gb) wrote: Actors saved this movie.