O Chamado de Deus

O Chamado de Deus

Six young novices tell why they chose to follow religious life. Some of them are Catholic, and want to be priests, while others are Charismatic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark P (us) wrote: The past is Powerful.

Patience W (kr) wrote: This movie was such a shock to me because I, and I'm sure many others, had no idea that something like this could still be going on. It is evident that racism still exists in our world and it probably, unfortunately, will always exist. But to still have a segregated prom in ithe 21st century is amazing to me. This is a great documentary and I truly recommend that others see it because it really shows how we stiil have a long way to go in our fight against hate, prejudice, and other forms of total ignorance.

Mariana A (kr) wrote: LOVE!!! This is one of my favorite films. It was so incredily engrossing, anxiety-provoking (which I love). The at-first seemingly tedious minuteness of detail eventually becomes captivating and crucial to the film's success.

Amber A (jp) wrote: I thought this was great. It was off-beat and interesting and Robin Tunney was fantastic.

Scott C (de) wrote: Interesting little Richard Linklater experiment.

Steve R (ca) wrote: A rather messy hotch potch of a film, never really gets going and fumbles its interesting central concept of a lunatic killer seeing into the dreams and indeed waking moments of the heroine. Also contains moments of sheer and utter stupidity. It's a shame because the central conceit is a good one in theory, but avoid..

Robert I (gb) wrote: A motorcycle gang kidnaps a young woman, Josie, from a diner and brutally kills her. Many years later, the girl's father finds a magic crystal that can bring the life back to dead objects. He uses it to re-animate his daughter. He lets her seduce any young man that comes to visit the small town and then kills them. Four young students, two boys and two girls spend a vacation near the town, Hellgate. They hear about the story and get involved. (Enough said)

Jonathan G (au) wrote: An completely insult to fans of the first 2 horrible written doesn't bother to come up with anything interesting when it ignores what 2 set up not suspenseful not even remotely scary or creepy characters terrible no one gives an good performance the film is random it doesn't even try to give explanation to what's happening

Jon E (mx) wrote: My mums favourite Ernest movie

Francisco L (kr) wrote: This movie is a shame for the protagonist. John Travolta with great performances was dived on a black hole. This film has no imagination nor a good story nor nothing, Boring, stereotyped and stupid.

Elaine Cristina J (de) wrote: Dracula Untold is a good film because it shows the good side of Dracula, he turned into Dracula to protect his family and his people