O dimos apo ta Trikala

O dimos apo ta Trikala


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O dimos apo ta Trikala torrent reviews

Stephen G (it) wrote: An extremely well made movie with great performances all around particularly from Ralph Fiennes who gives a charming and incredibly well timed performance.

Miguel M (mx) wrote: Nice movie about the Akron Fab Five & Lebron's rise to stardom

Carlos M (ru) wrote: The series has definitely run out of gas, proving that killing Jigsaw in the third film was a big mistake. Most of what we see here is nothing more than a ridiculous rehash of the previous films and the ending doesn't come close to the brilliance of the first two.

Sarah L (mx) wrote: Have yet to see the extras--This is what a rock documentary should be.

Chris M (us) wrote: Disturbingly well done.

Christine D (ru) wrote: Not a bad movie. It was easy to predict who did it and what happened. A very good thriller that actually made me jump a couple of times.

Ruben Edgardo R (it) wrote: Whatever you do, pay no attention to the low critic based tomatometer score. If you want inspiration watch this movie!! It shows big dreams star with small steps, and can come from anywhere in any form. Watch it!!!

Jessie V (br) wrote: what the balls? how dare you taint the beauty of 3 ninjas 1 & 2 with this shit!

Derek W (us) wrote: So stunningly beautiful and precisely filmed that it is almost hard to focus on the deft screenplay and radiating beauty of Jean Seberg in this classic poignant French masterpiece.

Phillip S (ca) wrote: "It was easy for him because he didn't believe it was coming. But it ain't gonna be easy for you 'cause you better believe its coming mothafucka!"