O Enterro da Cafetina

O Enterro da Cafetina

While Dona Betina, owner of a very famous bordello in Rio de Janeiro, was being buried, an old scoundrel remembers his own past.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

While Dona Betina, owner of a very famous bordello in Rio de Janeiro, was being buried, an old scoundrel remembers his own past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lindsay E (it) wrote: A fun film. Sometimes predictable but there are laughs to be had.

James B (jp) wrote: Definitely had the feel of the comic IMHO. Visually stunning, well written & directed, great performances. Absolute improvement from the previous attempt.

Jesse T (ag) wrote: Focuses too much on the tried and tired plot developments for the characters to completely grow on us.

jesse m (gb) wrote: A slickly made sci-fi thriller with amazing visual fx, a bombastic music score by the late great Jerry Goldsmith, and a likable cast. It is very unfortunate that such effort was made for a script that never uses its intriguing premise to its full potential. Just one man's perverted tendencies which isn't the slightest bit interesting to me as a viewer, and then the film devolves into slasher movie mode which does give it schlock value... but overall I can't deny that the opportunity is completely squandered which is why this film barely gets a recommendation from me and only for the slick production, the fx, the music, and the cast.

Minna S (au) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining and fun. Especially the scene where a man tied to a bed in hotel room was forced to watch a maths program on complex numbers was hilarious. I can feel his pain... And Peter McDonald as Git was brilliant. Truly a feel good movie, at least for the yours truly.

Jey A (it) wrote: THAT'S AN AQUA SONG!!! ^__^ Oh wait. No. That's DR. Jones.Fine then. I'm not watching this. >_>"

Marielle M (ca) wrote: Sleepless In Seattle: Phenomenal Example of a Romantic Comedy "What If someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew, was the only someone for you?" Sleepless in Seattle is the most surprising, climax-twisting, build-up classic romantic comedy of all time. The two main characters, Annie, played by Meg Ryan, and Sam, played by Tom Hanks, indulge in each other's love before even getting the chance to personally come in physical contact- until the very last reel of the movie. Sleepless In Seattle does everything that just any classic romantic comedy should do; Two main characters, who are separated by circumstances, endless humor, and consists of the popular theory of love by fate. However, it handles these issues that is unique amongst romantic comedies. Annie and Sam are the classic romantic comedy couple, only their relationship consists of a twist. Annie can't seem to find any compatibility with her fianc Walter, meanwhile Sam is just recovering from his wife's death. Despite all of the mishap associated with the both of their previous relationships, there are continuous types of signals leading one to think that they will end up together, with no doubt in mind. They really will radiate magical love. There is no coincidence that Annie's previous boyfriend, and Sam's recent girlfriend both have flaws that in a way, distance them from one another. Humor is an important attribute to just any romantic comedy. Although most romantic comedies consist of some catchy crack-up scenes, Sleepless In Seattle consists of humor that gives the audience great laughs, not just through some parts of the movie, but throughout the entire film. One particular scene, that tends to really make everyone laugh is the part during dinner, when Sam and his friends Greg and Suzy are there to hear about this new girl, Annie. Sam tells them that she intends to meet him on Valentine's Day, on the top of The Empire State Building. Without hesitating Suzy instantly is reminded of the movie called An Affair to Remember. She begins telling Sam that the man waited and waited for her to get there, but she got hit by a taxi and never made it up. By this point of telling the story, she is completely sobbing and Sam just stares at her blankly. Suzy continues on with the movie, but you can tell Sam has absolutely no interest in it. Shortly after this conversation ends, Sam turns to Greg this time and begins talking about how he wants a wife who can simply sit down and eat dinner peacefully without weeping about a movie. (Referring to Suzy). He then says, "Although I did cry at the end of The Dirty Dozen." He tells of the depressing parts in the movie and finds himself sobbing about it all. How ironic, indeed. This film carries on humor through almost every conversation. At one point in the movie, Sam's son, Jonah asks his father as serious as can be, "When you get a new wife, I guess you'll get to have sex with her, huh?" Sam says, "I certainly hope so." Then Jonah goes on to ask, "Will she scratch up your back?" and confusedly Sam asks what he means by that. Jonah says, "In the movies, women are always scratching up the men's back and screaming and stuff when they're have sex." Sam asks how in the world he knows that. Jonah concludes, "Jessica's got cable." The plot of this movie consists of the theory of love by fate when Annie and Sam finally end up together at the very end of the movie. However, Sam's son, Jonah, played by Ross Malinger, from the beginning to end wants anything and everything to do with Annie and makes his desire for her and his dad to work out very clear and apparent. His interest in her is stimulating. Jonah is practically the one who found Annie for Sam, and he's the one that set him up with her in the first place. From the perspective of a child, he's not at all in tuned with the worldly desires, unlike other characters in this movie and seems to know just exactly what his dad needs in a wifely figure. It's as if Jonah knew all along that his dad would marry her specifically. Sleepless In Seattle creates the most charming, humoring, and catchy love story. It is certain that it meets every fulfillment and criteria for being considered a "Romantic Comedy." From the beginning Annie and Sam both being separated from their previous lovers for the reasoning to fall in love with someone else, to endless amounts of humor that ensures the audience a laughing watch, and the theory of falling in love by fate through Jonah Baldwin's own eyes, nothing but a phenomenal job done by writer Nora Ephron.

Addison P (fr) wrote: Was slow, but definately had some funny parts.


Jonathan I (it) wrote: Charming, lovely fun

David L (gb) wrote: I wish I could watch every movie ever made but I sadly don't have the time. I'm not interested in this movie because I don't think I'll like it or don't know enough about it to think I might like it. I may still end up seeing it some day though.

Blake B (de) wrote: As cheesy, formulaic, and one-dimensional as McFarland USA is, the film still has a sweet, dramatic tinge to its encouraging story. Despite the film's flaws, it still is an enjoyable 120 minutes, with tear-jerking moments throughout.

Nathan R (mx) wrote: This film follows the whole Fatal Attraction template of a creepy woman invading a home and family to destroy it from the inside. These kinds of films were popular with moms and housewives, as it is mostly centered on the mother's pain and drama when fearing for the loss of her husband and children and/or sense of basic security. The kind of thing you see on the Lifetime channel, usually (alongside all of the men-raping-vulnerable-women movies). The concept can become tired and lame after being done so many times.That isn't to say that The Hand That Rocks the Cradle isn't entertaining. Oh, it is. But it's only JUST barely entertaining. It's not going to have you leaping out of your seat, nor is it going to amaze you. It will, however, either get you laughing hysterically, or cringing so hard that your teeth fall out. If you're into family-related suspense thrillers, this one is worth watching at least once.