O Grande Elias

O Grande Elias

Uma família modesta (pai, mãe e filha) recebe generosas quantias de uma tia do Brasil que os julga ricos. Quando, um dia, chega a notícia da visita da tia do Brasil, tudo entra em polvorosa... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt G (gb) wrote: This is a movie about the value of objects, and what happens to their meaning and functionality when an object's owner passes away. It's Assayas's most understated work that I've seen thus far. It moves with the seamless humanism of a Fellini or Truffaut, and creates a documentary universe that we can view all of these people clearly. Assayas always finds a way to avoid judgment, and for his characters to clearly express their viewpoints with clarity and honesty. None of it is forced. I find his visual style fascinating. His camera glides around with a curiosity towards its characters. It's both free and wandering, yet controlled and invisible. The style inherent both in the filmmaker's voice and the content of the script allows for these relaxed and subtle performances. All of the actors live up to this potential. You can't go wrong when you have one of the most mesmerizing women of all time, Juliette Binoche. Overall, I am eager to continue my journey through Assayas's filmography. Boarding Gate and Clean were both brilliant, and Summer Hours was no exception.

Therese O (nl) wrote: Harrowing. Dark. Impossible not to watch this. Loved it.

Michael A (ca) wrote: Free willy didn't need sequels

K N (fr) wrote: Brilliant film. Perfect really. The comedic timing from Mel, Jodie and James are perfect. It's super funny and charming. Mel deserved an award for this. Loved it.

Tara M (nl) wrote: I liked it but not a favorite.

chris m (nl) wrote: The best comedy I've ever seen!