O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo

O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo

After being forced into a marriage and enduring a humiliating work routine in the hands of his father-in-law, Zé Araújo becomes the mythical Ojuara, an unconventional hero devoted to debauchery.

José Araújo, an attractive, happy traveling salesman, arrives at the little town of Jardim dos Caiacós where he meets "Turco," owner of the grocery and Dualiba's father, a virgin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo torrent reviews

i C (es) wrote: 4,5/10expected much more

Michael E (ru) wrote: Awful. Don't watch it, ever. Bad acting, cliche story, some scenes were just completely illogical and plain stupid, and what a ridiculous ending. I went into the movie hoping it would be one of those bad horror movies you can still find fun and slightly enjoyable, if only for the sake of ripping on it. Its not. If Sursok wasn't so easy to look at it would've been turned of days ago. F-

Steve S (ru) wrote: Cortex : trop lent et au final plutt vide, mais bnficie d'une prestation magistrale d'Andr Dussolier !

Jaye V (ca) wrote: Even though it's one story, there are facets of it that anyone who came over from Vietnam, or anyone who has heard stories from their Vietnamese parents/aunts/uncles can connect to or relate to. I guess enough time has passed to be able to tell this story. I didn't care for the final quarter or so of the movie as much, but up until that point I found myself crying off and on. To see the details of the stories more clearly that my mother, uncles, and cousins have told me. To realize how treacherous it was on those boats. Each of my relatives has a different story, but this movie seems to share at least a couple of similarities to each of them. It made me realize just how lucky all of us are with how it turned out in the end. I also really liked how the movie was parallelled to the most famous legend of Vietnam, and shows that the people of Vietnam will ways have and always will have one thing -- hope.

Evan K (kr) wrote: Funnier Than I Expected. Typical Sports Movie But With A "Canadian" Spin. Gross Is Great.

willy s (ca) wrote: best movie ever vivica a fox got me so horny I butter three times over her sex scenes

Jayden C (es) wrote: not really interested

Brian S (fr) wrote: A terrible suckfest, interesting solely for the presence of Ron Palillo (whom some may remember as Horshack from TV sitcom "Welcome Back, Kotter.") He's just as awful as the rest of the cast in this very 1980s mess of a movie, but he's at least recognizable. Otherwise, nothing to see here. Move along.

Grayson D (br) wrote: Good mafia comedy with a great cast.

Adrienne L (ca) wrote: My first time viewing this was on Netflix last week. It was shockingly good once I got past the cheesy opening number. One of Barbra's best performances. Its a shame it has no audience. Its that interesting. Reincarnation love stories must be a hard sell.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: good 4 early talkie.

Sebastian F (br) wrote: My third fav Bond film... Moore is brilliant in his debut as Bond and looks amazing for 44, Jane Seymous is gorgeous, and so on. But I just love it for being to much different to the other Bond movies, and mainly because it's so much FUN !!

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 54%Saw this on 28/11/16Except for a few earnest funny moments generated by Eddie Murphy, Mulan is a totally formulaic crap with unidimensional characters and a rotten story. This predictable farce is only meant for kids and those with common sense should stay away.

Shelby O (au) wrote: An interesting storyline that was unfortunately underplayed in the film, lack of character development, and bad CGI all made for a movie that could have been great but in the end was mediocre.

Greg S (mx) wrote: Pioneering in the field of gore, even if 1970 effects left something to be desired. Feels a little dated, but still cool in its own silly, trippy way. Don't get me wrong -- it's not good. But it is what it is: a late 60's/early 70's exploitation gore-fest. If you dig that kinda stuff, then that rocks. If you dig plots and aren't so big on the dated gore effects, well....

Ann G (br) wrote: Ice-T gives a good performance as a prison guard. Sadly enough this is a true story.

Paul D (kr) wrote: I liked this movie until the kids went on the run and it turned into a poor man's Night of the Hunter.