O Mistério do Samba

O Mistério do Samba


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O Mistério do Samba torrent reviews

Mark S (ru) wrote: Awful...and just weird.

Maryke V (gb) wrote: Snore... too boring my word!!

Laura C (ag) wrote: It was nominated for best original score, which is good, because watching the pretty french girl sing was the best thing about the movie. :)

Caity M (es) wrote: Basically another worthless rip-off

bob (fr) wrote: seems to be patchwork, not supposed to be an episodic film. additionally, most of the stories are boring.

Greg W (it) wrote: well crafted and photographed chick flick

Bradley M (nl) wrote: All in all Jeremy Renners performance is the only thing good about this film. It gives you a look, all be it a confusing one, into his life it gives little motive, rhyme or reason as to who it why Dahmer is Dahmer. It felt almost uncomfortable at times as you were mostly watching a weird date between two guys that had just met, knowing one is a killer

Andy C (au) wrote: Saw this years ago and enjoyed it, caught it again lately and it was still enjoyable. It's an action film without an action hero and walken is the perfect villain as ever.

Bobby P (jp) wrote: If you can handle 2 people talking for 100 minutes straight, there is gold to be found here... granted some of the acting is inconsistent, and dialogue is a bit stagey, but it's hard to argue against a film that keeps you glued to your seat like this one.

Nicholas G (es) wrote: This movie was the first directorial effort of the Coen Brothers and what an effort it was. This movie has elements that are now commonly associated with the Coen brothers these are the dark humor, the smart script, the complex and strange characters and the unpredictable plot.

Keith R (br) wrote: Just watched it again, recently...not as good as the original movie...too drawn out....but still entertaining.

Jerry F (kr) wrote: I actually watched Crank 2 before this one. And do believe No.2 is slightly better. But this is still superb five Star stuff. Jason is brilliant. This film is brilliant

Tanya J (gb) wrote: This is a Sunday film.

Scott A (gb) wrote: decent flick and so not a torture film like people said it was. BUT seeing the hottest gal cut open and gutted was not cool!


Brandon W (ca) wrote: Warcraft is directed and co-written by Duncan Jones, and it stars Travis Flammel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, and Toby Kebbell in an action-fantasy film about the orcs coming to the human dimension as their world is completely gone, and they want to take over that dimension which the humans are going to war with the orcs over their homeland. Before this came out, I was actually pretty excited to see this as this is Duncan Jones's first big budgeted Hollywood film, and that it's based on the video game adaptation with the same name which is very skeptical for a lot of people, but we thought that this is going to be the one that breaks the video game adaptation curse. Sadly a lot of critics didn't like it, although fans of the video game series liked it, and while it's the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time so far, it didn't make enough money to break even. While I was still excited for it, the hype was starting to wear off after time has gone by, however, when movie channels start coming to DirecTV for free in a few days, and has Warcraft in one of them playing, I had to record it and see if it's true what critics has said about it. Honestly in my opinion, I actually find the movie to be fun to watch, and it's coming from a person that has never played any of the Warcraft films, nor know any lore about them. The effects look amazing as they look very realistic, even at times they look like they're in a video game, which kind of works to its disadvantage as it's a video game adaptation. The acting from the orcs are great, especially Toby Kebbell as Durotan as he's the best part of the film, and is the most interesting also as he got the most character development out of it. The human actors are fine, but they're not as strong as the voice actors, and not only that, their character development is weak, despite having some cool moments from them. I honestly find the orc story to be more interesting than the human story as you understand about where they're coming from, and what they have to do to deal with the situation, even if it means going against their own kind. The villain is menacing too and is a cool design which I'm sure is probably the same model as the one in the game. The battle sequences felt huge and epic, and it's really exciting to watch, while getting some cool shots that I'm sure Duncan Jones really wanted it to work. The score by Ramin Djawadi sounded really cool that could've been in the video games, but it sounded cinematic enough to be fitting in this film. The story is fine, but I know that for non-fans, they'll be asking questions that aren't answered, unless you played the games, and since I don't play the games, there are tons of questions that weren't explained. The mage effects look cool, and the action from them is stylish fun. I do admit that it's a bit all over the place, but I wasn't bored of it and was interested in what's going on. The writing by Duncan Jones and Charles Leavitt is decent enough to hold the film together, and I get some surprises out of the film. Warcraft is just as good as Silent Hill in my opinion, and I think that there were new territories, good and bad, that Duncan Jones went through like that this is his big budgeted film, and that throughout production, there were news that his wife had breast cancer, and that his father David Bowie passed away, so I think that he did the best that he could've done from Warcraft.