O Ninja das Caldas

O Ninja das Caldas

He just wanted to be happy but they don't let him go in peace...

He just wanted to be happy but they don't let him go in peace... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul C (fr) wrote: This movie was a very interesting mockumentary. It takes a look at the life of zombies in the society today and what they have to live with. Will the film take an interesting turn or stay true? Check this film out to see. For the most part I found it very entertaining with some little funny references to zombie habits. The camera they used in the day time was pretty good, but the one they use at night is very annoying to the point where I had to remove a star. The cast was very good to decent at some parts. Pretty nice piece of work.

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Timothy M (mx) wrote: A quaint little film about a kick-ass dog who loses his way. Heartwarming, and simple.

Megan P (au) wrote: This movie had good patential...I like the idea of the girl being a secret keeper. David Gallagher is pretty darn cute. ^_^

Susanna M (de) wrote: A bit melodramatic. A king who's MO is debauchery. .

Gavin P (de) wrote: A really well-made murder mystery, with the added tension of having the main character, Vigil (Poitier), be black detective from Philadelphia, but stuck in rural Mississippi in the 1960s. Some great to-and-fro between him & the chief (Steiger), who becomes a more understandable character as the film progresses. Crazy to believe some of these attitudes still existed 50 years ago! Solid ending, well-paced & the Ray Charles song is pretty great.

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Ethan L (mx) wrote: Good cast wasted on subpar script. C

Kay L (au) wrote: Better than the unauthorized bio pic.

Andrew S (jp) wrote: Great black comedy that shows just how idiotic the ideology of suicide bombings are. It's funny, sometimes brutally funny.

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