O Sangue

O Sangue

Vicente, seventeen, lives with brother Nino, ten-years-old, and his ailing father in a derelict house on the outskirts of the capital. They don't seem to remember their mother, and are very...

Vicente, seventeen, lives with brother Nino, ten-years-old, and his ailing father in a derelict house on the outskirts of the capital. They don't seem to remember their mother, and are very... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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talija b (ca) wrote: :) commedia italiana...

Armando B (nl) wrote: A good solid action chick flick, all the actors did a great job at their roles, but the story over reacts in some way and takes to the limit. Some parts are cheesy and some of them are like a movie that it suppose to be. The action was well made with spectacular special effects, and Chealsy I don't know what she was doing there???? As that being said for this being a solid romantic comedy, I give "This Means War" a solid C-.

Kenneth L (jp) wrote: This is a very charming, emotionally engaging Italian movie about one of the most unusual and intense situations a person could ever have to face. It's a gentle, funny, sympathetic movie with one great performance at its center and a couple of funny peripheral ones. I enjoyed it greatly.The movie centers on one old man (Michel Piccoli) who's just been handed one of the most unenviable jobs in the world: he has just been elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He's a good man, but the pressure of the job might be too much for him. When he's customarily expected to give his first address to the enormous crowds in St. Peter's Basilica, he instead panics and retreats. The rest of the movie follows his attempts to deal with his new responsibilities.Michel Piccoli is incredibly good in the lead role - had this movie been a bigger hit and/or in English, he might well have gotten an Oscar nomination for it. The character has an almost unimaginable burden to deal with, but Piccoli and the movie make him utterly human and relatable. During a good bit of the movie, he's out on the streets of Rome, pretending not to be who he is; while he doesn't reveal all that much in conversations during these scenes, what he does reveal is often immensely poignant. This is a movie that understands pathos.The film's director and co-writer, Nanni Moretti, co-stars as a psychoanalyst who is brought in to aid the troubled Pope. This performance, while funny and scene-stealing, is perhaps given a bit more screen-time than is strictly necessary. Indeed, the middle section of the movie does meander a bit, and probably could have been cut down by about ten minutes or so. Still, the movie is never less than pleasant to watch, so even these agreeably aimless scenes don't really hurt it.You don't really see priests or bishops portrayed in movies too often, except usually as stock types. The last good movie about clergy I can think of was John Patrick Shanley's Doubt, and that one was fairly dark. This movie is much lighter-hearted, but is still one of the best portrayals of clergy-as-humans I've ever seen. And it doesn't take any easy ways out or over-sentimentalize, either. While the movie doesn't really push any boundaries in terms of style or anything like that, it tells a really good story that you haven't heard before.

Leila D (au) wrote: Prevedibile, ma dolce :o)

Stanley K (de) wrote: How does so much money get thrown at the screen, only to result in some of the most hideous looking visual effects seen anywhere. As if the first one wasn't pathetic enough in its posing.

Zachary Y (us) wrote: i think visually it could have been much better and a lot more couldve been done with such a good plot, but i liked the going between realities. it's enjoyable but not by any means a "great movie"

Jennie L (mx) wrote: LOVED IT! One of my favourites of all time. Wonderful to look at, and cast beautifully. The characters are simultaneously strange, and real.

Alec B (au) wrote: Still a great spoof comedy. Dr. Evil's monologue in the group therapy scene is one of my favorite bits ever.

Philip Z (kr) wrote: It's a decent film but I felt curiously detached from the experience.

Wayne F (au) wrote: Ever so slightly amusing, really low budget rip-off of Gremlins and Critters. The creature puppets were below the standard of the movies it ripped-off and the story was pretty naff too. As for the wigs and acting the less said the better.

Byron B (au) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Mike P (ag) wrote: a brilliant Van Gogh movie. Why? Well, it's because this movie (more than any Impressionist period piece I've watched) really captures the easy morality of the time. Far exceeds the over-dramatic and contrived Kirk Douglas effort of Hollywood to capture 'the life of the artist'. Superbly realised and believable.

Suellen P (ag) wrote: Excellent!!! A must see for any Garbo fans or those interested in knowing this great lady.

monsieur r (es) wrote: Suspense thriller needs older cast. None of this suspense action thriller can be believed with 20 year olds killing and managing incredible feats of coercion and bad deeds. Whimpy and innocent junior, corporate executive (James Spader) finds having a good time can result in disastor. Sinister and equally young Rob Lowe manages to bring Spader into his web of deception and corruption. One thing leads to another and well, guess what? there is no call to the police. Instead, this goof ball Spader tries to handle things himself. Poorly equiped to do harm to anything but a keyboard, Spader runs around with his tie most of the film trying to undo what Rob Lowe has done to him. Not bad cinematography, something isn't quite clear. What is clear is an older cast. But they don't come cheap. Most have found this belivable and thrilling, I just found it the product of an over active imagination. Directed by Curtis Hanson; written by David Koepp; director of photography, Robert Elswit; edited by Bonnie Koehler; music by Trevor Jones; production designer, Ron Foreman; produced by Steve Tisch; released by Epic Productions Inc. Running time: 99 minutes. This film is rated R. Stars: Alex...Rob Lowe Michael Boll...James Spader Patterson...Tony Maggio Pismo Boll...Christian Clemenson Claire...Lisa Zane