O Último Malandro

O Último Malandro


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Leri J (fr) wrote: Nothing ground breaking about this. Narrated by Saruman and featuring a lot of big names in the world of comics, movies and television focusing the limelight on villains while discussing their psyche and motivation for becoming bad guys. They touched on the quintessential relationship between the hero and the villain...the chicken and egg. Basically, its a very generic documentary on comic villains. I think there's nothing you've never heard of. Watch it if you like comic book superheroes like I do.

Johnson C (gb) wrote: The best actress award in HK is not cheating. But the lifestyle of Malay is little bit different from expected.

Cameron C (au) wrote: This movie might've been a cheesy movie, but I would rather watch this movie 25 times in a row than watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 again.

Chance P (kr) wrote: I love Amanda Bynes and have enjoyed all of her films but this film was most definitely not her best piece of work.

Sounak M (gb) wrote: Irfan Khan's best perfo to date! People really under-rate Jimmy Shergill, but he is one talented actor too, and this kind of role perfectly suits the guy! Once, again, a brilliant movie and Irfan is a sea of awesomeness! :)

Chris E (mx) wrote: Why did I even bother seeing this at the movie theater? I must have been thinking that this was comedy GOLD or something....more like TIN.

Jens S (jp) wrote: This typical 80s muppet adventure contains all the highlights and lows of the era: a pop soundtrack by David Bowie (who is also a fine villain), a simple but enthralling story, lovable characters that sometimes burst into songs, but also some cheesy lines, dated special effects and a simplistic plot. Of course, none of those things mattered if you saw this film at the right age when it came out. Most of the dolls still look pretty fine and especially unique today and there are some amazing visual effects in the film. Jennifer Connelly started her great career with this and the Henson studios once again proved that they are the masters of puppets. It's easy to find flaw in this film today, but for its time it was pretty outstanding and still works for an entertaining rainy afternoon now.

Gene I B (de) wrote: better than the book

Niklas J (ru) wrote: Parts of it is ridiculous and extremely bad while many other parts are surprisingly good. Overall a wasted potential.

Raphael S (br) wrote: Lola runs fast throughout the movie, leaving behind her enough concentration of adrenaline to make you realize what a good thriller looks like!

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: "This outta do."-Mel (Danny Glover)Sweet cast.

Kerrie M (es) wrote: Keeps you on the edge of your seat!