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Rich F (au) wrote: Radcliffe takes another role to shed any type casting and gives a good performance. Thought Toni Collette was good channelling Cagney from Cagney and Lacey 7/10

Carla C (au) wrote: Very excited to see the theatrical release of this movie!!

Andy L (kr) wrote: 70 points boz love Wong Chau Sang, Francis Ng & Fala.....

Alex K (fr) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Jason B (us) wrote: Who knew an officer could lose his sanity and become a monster and a killer could change from animal to hero? Disturbing and with emotional substance.

Art S (fr) wrote: It's all about the vibe here - which is generally peaceful and introspective, underscored by a thin vein of anxiety. Director Kelly Reichardt lets this spur of the moment camping trip by two old friends unfold naturally and uses Ozu-like still-life shots (mostly of beauteous nature) to punctuate the action (if you can call it that) and provide a pause for reflection. The soundtrack is by Yo La Tengo at their most meditative, although there are healthy doses of silence too. Some talk radio focused on economic and racial problems is heard in the car - which helps to advance that theme of underlying anxiety, mostly associated with the character Mark who is about to become a new dad, has a steady/busy job, and who generally seems to have moved on from a more carefree existence to a life of responsibility. However, Kurt (played by Will Oldham a.k.a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) seems more free-wheeling, a sort of elemental spirit (if you will) with some deep-seated emotions bubbling under his surface, smoothed over with half-cracked story-telling about dreams and openness to experience-styled adventures. As the movie progresses, you wonder whether Mark wishes he were still like Kurt; but that gradually and gently shifts to wondering whether Kurt wishes he were more like Mark. There is ample room to do such wondering but the movie also lets you _feel_ this reality which might be very similar to your own, if you've reached a certain age. Above all, then, the wistful awareness of time having passed (and the tension between the inability and the ability to recreate earlier states) evokes the sensation that Reichardt has aptly labelled "Old Joy".

David F (it) wrote: Violent and strangely funny film about a futuristic Japan where a class of students each year is taken to an island and made to murder each other until there's only one left. It's gory and shocking at times, humorous and silly at others, as the kids stress out about being put into an impossible situation by the adults in the film. Some of them embrace the violent scenario while others can't bear to live in it and odd bits of their former lives keep popping up in the plot like their crushes on each other and childlike characteristics.

Allen W (mx) wrote: Its a good movie...and I still find it amusing that there are actually a few frames in this movie if slowed down where they actually drew nipples...

Simon D (jp) wrote: 30 years ago, I loved this film, I was the target age then, 6. I haven't watched it since until now, and lots of the stunts came flooding back to memory, luckily I didn't remember seeing so many wires that were not meant to be seen back then. It's a very cheesy film but good fun.

Emily L (jp) wrote: Breathtakingly beautiful film that will inspire pathos, cynicism, or, as in my case, both. This could be my new favourite movie.

Kenny R (gb) wrote: It's a cool story, but too raw and leaves a bitter feeling in stomach after watching...but it's a good movie...

Javier D (gb) wrote: My Darling Clementine -Pasion de los Fuertes, en espaol- (1946). Es curioso que detrs de un titulo tan simple y que no nos dice nada se encuentre una historia muy famosa. Holywood le ha dedicado mas de 20 pelculas, pero en lo que mi respecta, me emocion en los primeros minutos saber de que iba la trama: la historia de Wyatt Earp (1848-1929). Earp fue un famoso marshal en el oeste de los Estados Unidos, duro, honesto e incorruptible y fue la balacera ocurrida en Ok Corral donde murieron dos de los hermanos McLaury y Billy Clanton la que lo puso en la historia. La wikipedia dice que se dispararon 30 tiros en 30 segundos. John Ford se toma libertades para contarla en este filme. Ford fue un artesano del cine. Y en esta pelcula muestra su talento para contar historias. No por nada los directores que le sobrevivieron supieron beber muy bien de la fuentes. (En el fotograma Henry Fonda y Cathy Downs (de espaldas).

Laith M (br) wrote: Heard alot but when i sow it.. Not that good.