A rural drama set in Obaba, a mythical region in northern Spain, where a young filmmaker struggled to capture the feel of the area, which in turn leads to a wealth of self-discovery.

A rural drama set in Obaba, a mythical region in northern Spain, where a young filmmaker struggled to capture the feel of the area, which in turn leads to a wealth of self-discovery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roberto L (it) wrote: A waste of my time. This movie can be summarized as follows:- She was abandoned by her father - Spent time singing at bars- Met a rich guy who sponsored her- Became successful No mention of her anti semitism, her rumored lesbianism and her nazi collaboration. Don't waste your time on this thing

Leo L (jp) wrote: A little on the cheesy side, but somewhat interesting! Anasazis, though. Hmmmm!?

Paul B (ru) wrote: Garnering a cast of such a highly established pedigree and so severely underutilizing their talents renders Secondhand Lions a completely forgettable affair.

Maurie M (es) wrote: Preferred the original

Vincent J (gb) wrote: Chronique sociale d'une misre humaine; touchant et rempli de vrits.

Miguel R (it) wrote: Robin Williams is great, but Flubber is such a horrible movie that it's not worth your time

Jebus C (mx) wrote: This is the 6th film in the ??Once Upon a Time in China?? series, which dates back to 1991. After starring in the first few films Jet Li left the franchise but here he returns along with series regular Rosamund Kwan. Bucking the trend for the Once Upon series we head out to the Wild West where Jet Li loses his memory and gets adopted by Native Americans. The film has the usual array of tremendous action sequences highlighted by Jet Li??s showdown with friend Seven (Xin Xin Xiong). However director Sammo Hung makes some bizarre decisions and allows all manner of crap to appear in the film. The lack of bad guy means Jet Li has no big final fight ahead of him and the acting of the American parts is nothing short of shocking. Stuntman Jeff Wolfe has the biggest role but he??s arguably the best actor among a poor cast. Like any Jet Li film there??s sufficient martial arts antics to keep things interesting but unlike his best films it doesn??t play a major part in the plot. Really disappointing outing. Its not even as good as Shanghai Noon?and I hate Owen Wilson.

Scott W (gb) wrote: A cheap, hoky Blade Runner/ Terminator rip-off with a sense of humour and a heart.

Steve W (es) wrote: This installment seems to have the least amount of action and stop motion effects. Patrick Wayne also seems to be trying to channel Charlton Heston. Its an average fantasy film, but a shame no one got to fight the Minoton. In my opinion it was one of the cooler creatures from any of the Sinbad films.

William M (gb) wrote: Lau Kar-Leung proves once again why he's the greatest Martial Arts choreographer ever.the choreography for this film is highly inventive. the real stand out one for me is the wine-tasting fight.

Babak I (fr) wrote: This is probably better than the first release of this film back in 1920, but this being said my expectations were set too high as this movie was pretty bland.

Joe L (ru) wrote: Ryan Phillipe is extremely underrated. Wahlberg continues to deliver. Can't wait for season 2

Kevin R (es) wrote: Those kids are witches and they're from Witch Mountain!Two children, brother and sister, are orphaned and do not remember much about their past. They have some faint memories of being shipwrecked and saved, but by whom and what happened to their family members is hazy. They are drawn to a Mountain where they believe they may find the truth. Meanwhile, local law officers are tracking them down to put them back in the orphanage."I'll fight you with one hand.""I'll fight you with none."John Hough, director of The Legend of Hell House, Dirty Larry Crazy Mary, Return from Witch Mountain, The Watcher in the Woods, American Gothic, Howling IV, and Bad Karma delivers Escape to Witch Mountain. The storyline for this picture was very well written and thought out. The powers were well depicted and the acting was better than I anticipated for a film in this genre."It wasn't a country. It was a place."I had actually never seen this and thought it would be an awesome movie to watch with my daughter one day. We recently watched it and I was excited that she enjoyed it. It didn't keep her interest 100% of the time, but few live action movies do. Overall, this is an excellent addition to the children's genre and is worth your time. This is borderline worth adding to your DVD collection."That thing is flying upside down."Grade: A-