Obediencia Perfecta

Obediencia Perfecta

Julian, a young seminarian, is sent to live with Los Cruzados de Cristo, where he will have to follow a hard spiritual journey to achieve "the perfect obedience".

Julian, a young seminarian, is sent to live with Los Cruzados de Cristo, where he will have to follow a hard spiritual journey to achieve "the perfect obedience". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kieran G (gb) wrote: have Netflix watch this. funny and touching

Christine P (fr) wrote: "Smother" is a play on words - it's about a mother that (guess what?) smothers her son with too much concern, doting, and neediness. It's a thrown-together tale of unlikely situations and even less real-to-life behavior. It was too dirty to be funny and too stupid to hold my interest. In my opinion, it was a big waste of time for me, and for Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler, two actresses that I would expect to see in much better movies.

Lauren H (mx) wrote: Bizarre, at times hilarious, comedy with a charming cast. Nicholson is in his crazy man mode, complete with wild hair, but it is a thrill to see him and a mustachioed Beatty playing off each other. Channing carries off the flighty heiress caught in the middle of the two men's bickering with comic aplomb. Their attempts at murder predictably backfire as the slapstick nature of the film takes hold to what might have been an interesting throw-back to marriage comedies like 'Libeled Lady' or 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. Ultimately, though, well worth it for the cast and some whimsical direction from Nichols. Not a great film, but funny enough to keep your attention.

Michael H (jp) wrote: I really like Gooding Jr., but I just have a thing with kids movies with cheesy content. He has done a few of these, so it's hard for me to give these films credit. Therefore when I saw this, lets move on to the next one Cuba!

Barney F (de) wrote: Saw this on late night and was disappointed. You can talk all you want, but if nothing is gonna happen, then I am on my way. You know what I mean?

Letty D (us) wrote: Dolly Parton and Rambo in sequin need I say more

Gerry P (au) wrote: No one has really heard of this film except for Rocky Horror fans. I liked The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so I decided to watch this on Youtube.It's not as Good as "Rocky" at all. It's not as strong and the songs aren't memorable. There's only three good songs for me; "Denton", "Farley's Song" and of course the title song "You gonna need a ...... oooooooooooooohhhhh, shock treatment". Other than that, the other songs....... meh.The biggest complaint is Janet. She's just so unlikable in this film. I think that was the point, but she just goes to far. Jessica Harper's performance is actually good, but her singing voice, it sounds too much like a man. A lot of people, including myself, thought that her singing voice was dubbed by a man.The song that puzzles me is "Bitchin' in the kitchen." Where Brad and Janet sing their problems to household products. At that point I was like "WHAT?" Yeah, when I have a problem, I explain my problem to products in my house too. It feels kind of bland and wears thin in the 2nd act. I feel sorry for poor Brad who spends most of the movie in a straight jacket and forced to take medication. The only reason why he and Janet are on the show is because they have a problem with their marriage. Another thing I don't get is the whole thing where Bert Schnick is blind but he isn't really. And then he's able to see in the second act as if by magic? I don't get it. I really don't.However, I like the camp sets and costumes. The magical numbers are well shot and choreographed. Cliff De Young was good as both Farley and Brad. Worth watching if you're a Richard O'Brien fan. Don't expect it to have that flavour "Rocky" brought you.

Allan C (it) wrote: I'm not really sure this is actually a four star film due to childhood nostalgia clouding my ability to objectively review this film, but I certainly got four stars worth of entertainment out of this Ray Harryhausen retelling of a number of Greek myths. Unlike most of Harryhausen's pictures, this one boasts a stellar cast, which inlaces Laurence Olivier, Harry Hamlin, Claire Bloom, Maggie Smith, Ursula Andress, and Burgess Meredith. This film also seemed to feature more stop motion than did most of his film, which his always the main attraction of Harryhausen Productions, which makes me feel that Harryhausen ended his career on a definite high note.

Daniel r (mx) wrote: best live action disney film

Korey S (kr) wrote: .........I just don't know what to say to all this............w-what is life?

King L (mx) wrote: Good movie about the Navajo code talkers during World War 2. One of the better Nicholas Cage movies. Cage plays a soldier charged with protecting one of the Navajo code talkers.

Jen A (de) wrote: Why the low ratings? This movie is great. Funny and heartwarming. MJF is plucky as always.

Baurushan J (us) wrote: The story is about his annoying martial arts-wannabe/Bruce Lee-fanboy named Jason played by Kurt McKinney who tries so hard to impress with his martial arts or karate or whatever the hell it is. When he gets beaten up at his girlfriend's 17th birthday by some punk, his dad gets mad by accusing him of fighting because he has a paralyzed leg and takes down all his fighting equipment. After a devastating day, he turns insane and hallucinates Bruce Lee (not fucking kidding) and starts training with him. On his girlfriend's brother's match, it turns out that he is versing Ivan The Russian played by The Muscles From Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme and that he is cheating during the competition but Jason is there to save the day and backfire his rivals' insults. This movie clearly has JCVD on the top heading above the title like he is main star and you focus on some dumb teenage Rocky-like story? FUCK YOU movie! Here's what I would have done, instead of a story about some dumb untalented punk teens, make Van Damme and his friends the main characters; he will be training for the competition after he gets picked on by punks, you can keep that cowardly father storyline in the movie and the girlfriend too but take out the comic relief black guy cos he's useless to the movie; he meets a man who has an indestructible force and he uses all his skills to save the day. This story however was too annoying, too cliched and it lied to our faces when we were expecting something a lot better. While JCVD was a pleasant surprise at climatic battle (not fucking kidding that's the only scene where he appears), the rest of the movie involves bad actors either untalented or miscasted and a horrible script that is so cliche you just feel sick to death. No Retreat, No Surrender gets a 1/10.