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Valerie L (it) wrote: Totally spoilt all the other Jack Ryan stories I have ever loved. The only reason they made this movie was to use the Jack Ryan brand. Nobody would have seen this movie otherwise. What a waste of a great cast.

Greg W (ag) wrote: awesome doc about china's 3 rivers hydroelectric dam project

Alison C (ru) wrote: average as I got bored quickly

Gerch R (kr) wrote: il se fait vieux le seagal ...

Amos R (ca) wrote: I dont understand why it is a big deal to protest Moore, thats what many colleges do when Hannity or Bush or Colter comes. Moore tries to play the victim card but he needs to grow a pair and deal with it like the conservatives do. I find it introsting that when a conservative is protested at a regular college its no biggie, but when a liberal is... its an UNJUST attack... god bless the Red State that is Utah.

Greg F (jp) wrote: Apart from its stupidity, ridiculous, oh wait... this movie is seriously funny, for some unknown reasons. It fits in to the hilarious crappy movie section, even my mind goes "W.T.F. i'm watching here??"

Cristina A (jp) wrote: I love this Movie ! my favorite one as a kid,!

Anna C (br) wrote: This movie was beautiful even if a bit slow paced. And the endng was quite sad...

Kurt L (kr) wrote: I don't see the big deal in Johnny Depp movies, but this casting director was phenomenal. Pee-wee Herman as a salon owner and bob goldthwait as the chemist was perfect. It is one of my favorite movies.It was so surreal and the acting was so good that I dislike Selma Hayek. In the movie she was just some wetback that screwed her way into wealth and fame just like she did in real life! She was cast for a the most natural part.

TJ P (jp) wrote: This is one of my favorites. An excellent mix of drama and action. Denzel Washington played Alonzo at his best and it made the movie in many respects..