Obhishopto Nighty

Obhishopto Nighty

A cursed nightie changes hands, in each case making the wearer fall in love and avenge the death of the nightie's original owner.

A cursed nightie that changes hands in a logical manner, not magically. The original owner of the nightie experienced unfulfilled love, which ultimately leads to the curse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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victor l (gb) wrote: :rotten: [b][i]House of Fools depicts mental illnesses in a very unsensitive way. The characters are suppossed to be mad but the performances are so fake that I never felt any kind of connection, compassion or any other feeling or emotion about them or the crazy or stupid things they did.[/i][/b][b][i]It's hard to classify what public was this film orientated to: it's not for children, either for adults... they can find it boring, grotesque and dreadful. A retarded or crazy person could thing the movie is an insult, so I don't really understand how this bad film could have won the Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. [/i][/b]

joey s (de) wrote: I admit, I watched the entire film, just because I thought the actress's were cute and likable, but as for the story, there was no powerful provoking thought to the plot, it fell flat in every scene.

Nicki M (kr) wrote: As this got some not so good reviews, I have not rushed to watch it. Yet another reminder of why not to listen to other peoples opinions! Being an Australian film, I am doubly surprised it was as good as it was. True, it's not a laugh a minute, but the acting is wonderful and it is very true to life. There are no major changes by the end, and you never do find out what happened to Elise's sister (Her disappearance 20 years ago being the reason Elise and her mother have never moved on in their lives properly). But surprisingly I found it wasn't really important by the end. There is a small revelation on why she disappeared, but I found the how I could conclude for myself quite happily. Elise is a quiet character who seems to settle a little in life. I found it refreshing that they didn't write it that by moving on she changes her job and dumps her boyfriend. Real life isn't like that and I loved that this was so realistic. Natalie imbruglia is perfect as Elise, and also excellent were the two young girls who play the sisters in flashback. Definitely one of the better Australian films out there.

Ryan W (au) wrote: Four Brothers offers some good moments but at the same time the film just falls into all the predictable lines that we all expect

RajanSatish P (us) wrote: Though the plot looks the same like ny other movies ,,this one is deeply satisfying because of it's good screenplay and gruesome games

Brian D (es) wrote: It's a pretty good story and what not, but Johnny Depp made this movie. As he always does.

Lenard K (kr) wrote: Romance blossoms between a seemingly crazy office worker and her boss. Another entertaining Hong Kong romantic-comedy starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. These movies really do remind me of the romantic-comedies Hollywood made in the 1930s.

Luis A (mx) wrote: I love this movie, its shows the war through the eyes of the common soldier and that anyone can make a friend even though they're on the side you're fighting against. i just wished there was more action but i loved the movie either way.

Michael W (us) wrote: A sci-fi Super Channel offering tailor-made for late cable viewings and count towards the Canadian Content rules for the network. Short runtime padded with several Julie Strain showcase scenes help to brighten an otherwise desolate future.

Ted W (it) wrote: Worst Dreamworks movie ever. It's a copy of A Bugs Life. It's a terrible terrible movie. Woody Allen's worst movie.

Grayson D (kr) wrote: Slightly above average brit comedy.

Mark D (kr) wrote: Bad dubbing and bad casting aside this is a good martial arts flick. Some great choreography with Jet Li stealing the show (for a change). Still for an east meets west period piece i fairly enjoed it.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Juli N (de) wrote: Thoroughly irreverent and entertaining as hell!

Ben S (es) wrote: the eigth wonder of the film making world. as in: its a wonder this film was made. ba doom boom psh. gotta see it anyway

Domenique D (ca) wrote: So as much as I dislike the culture of my maternal ancestors, WHY are the rebels against British Imperialism always dark skinned, dumb and kinda wimpy? Oh and treacherous. However, I can't think of ANYTHING more gorgeous than Cary Grant. I admit I was oddly into the scene where he had his hands tied up. I mean the man torso was just beautiful and those biceps and deltoids. And the chin, mein gott that CHIN!!!! And his hair...it was just begging for some good tugs.....Oh Cary....

Courtney S (ca) wrote: A most boring movie.

Manch F (au) wrote: Solid coming of age story and probably my favorite performance from Will Smith since he actually plays a character and not himself. Jaden Smith was passable when he was scared and timid, hes still green but has time to improve on his acting.