Objects of Wrath

Objects of Wrath


Steve (Dan Arthur) moves to Las Vegas and begins his journey as a Pastor of a Church that he starts in a bar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan P (kr) wrote: Cleverly balancing traditional home-invasion frights with a dystopian worldview, The Purge is a nail-bitingly tense economic parable that uses futuristic madness as a springboard for a timely franchise, although writer-director James DeMonaco plays it a bit safe once the violence gets going.

Arslan K (es) wrote: Mr. Nobody is a film that I've wanted to see for quite some time now. I was initially attracted by the name of the movie which I thought was weird and interesting. I soon looked at the cast and was impressed that Leto was in it and having seen him in few other stuff I gave this movie a go. First thing a person will instantly realize is the skills put into this movie which is phenomenal, this films makes usage of a lot of trick photography and amazing visual work. The fluidity of these shots are great and they make for a good time. Now the movie in itself is very interesting. The concept of the movie revolves around the idea of choices and the butterfly effect. The movie explores the ideas of how one choice will instantly open doors to hundred more opportunities and ideas something Bioshock Infinite explores, a video game. The movie revolves around a kid having to choose between mom and dad and seeing the outcome of every decision. Our main protagonist by the name of Nemo Nobody is seen to have access to not only the 4th dimension but the 5th as well where he can explore every outcome on spot not only for himself but other people as well. The spot being the decision to choose between a mom or a dad. And this is where the movie gets negative marks because although the beginning concepts are great a interesting but the movie at the end is about nothing. The ending of this movie does one thing that Im sure every viewer will hate. It will literally throw water on everything the movie built up for not only that the movie contradicts its plot a several times. For example a character in the movie does bring up how the movie is contradicting itself but it does so because it's in the script. The real contradiction comes from the last acts few last dialogues. All and all this movie is very good and I can clearly tell what the director and writers were going for but the main problem is that at the end the viewers are back at point A where they started from and it feels like nothing happened. If only the ending was real the movie would have been great. But I do recommend this for it does have very interesting points.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: they use the song "everything is broken" as the theme and that sums it up

Nicolas P (kr) wrote: Sentimientos encontrados: buena adaptacin, un clsico indiscutible, trasmitida por muchos canales y recordada por todos. Contraparte: el tema grfico, sus dibujos como tal: carecen de carcter artstico y no tienen la grandeza que otros aspectos del mismo film.

Paul D (br) wrote: A family weepy, and not badly made for a human turned into dog story, although as you expect there are a few silly moments.

Samuel S (ca) wrote: I've never been so bored during a film. This movie doesn't do anything to draw me in and the operatic self indulgent music doesn't help. Over all the film just tries to be Scarface and the Godfather mixed in with each other with a 1920's gangster feel for flavoring.

Rahul D (ru) wrote: not the best but it's funny and enjoyabble

Davonte J (kr) wrote: this is a good movie

Jonathan P (es) wrote: A decent follow up to the cult classic original. Revenge of the Creature is a tad slow but props have to be given to the costume and set designers for the realness (at least for the time) of their costumes and sets. While the acting is a bit stale (though it is common for the genre and time) the story moves along slowly before a rapid and intense climax.

Rich D (gb) wrote: Another good British film