Obracun u kazino kabareu

Obracun u kazino kabareu

Two friends who work in a detective agency rob their boss in order to be hired by him to find the thieves. Their plan goes wrong after the man with a white hat steals their money. The ...

Two friends who work in a detective agency rob their boss in order to be hired by him to find the thieves. Their plan goes wrong after the man with a white hat steals their money. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Obracun u kazino kabareu torrent reviews

Andrew K (nl) wrote: Well written for what it is, and all the actors bring their A-game. It's soundtrack can be blaring and actually impede the enjoyment but the character that drive the action are likable and make for some interesting interactions. Some scenes could be better but it's still a fun movie.

Parley L (gb) wrote: Watching this movie, I found myself liking none of the characters. The raccoon came off as too preachy, the squirrel guy was trying to hard to be cool, the girl squirrel was basically a mindless pawn listening to everything the raccoon said without question. The entire premise feels like a ripoff of Dreamworks' "Over the Hedge," without the likable characters. It featured "Gangnam Style" as a major song, but by this point it was already a two-year-old trend, and it made the creators seem very out of touch with pop-culture. A definite pass.

Carlos Jose M (kr) wrote: Es una de las peores pelculas que he visto, hay problemas de direccin y actuacin, la pelcula es un desastre. Al verla slo ves pura publicidad, puesta de manera descarada, en el film..

Bud L (jp) wrote: wonderful movie and well done by Strong and Banderas

Lukas G (us) wrote: The best Action/syfy/thriller movie of 2012! if not of all time!

Chase H (ag) wrote: Probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen hahaha. The filming and cheap action was real good for low budget but the acting was pretty wretched. It was funny and worth a quick viewing for some laughs and above all boob shots.

Adam D (ca) wrote: Cheesy Disney live action fare

(kr) wrote: A young woman, whose mother died giving birth to her, is facing eternal life in either Heaven or Hell. She must make the choice who to listen to, her guardian angel, whom she met when she was a child, or the evil ones.

Joseph H (it) wrote: This movie has the worst music I have ever heard... but was entertaining

Elgan D (mx) wrote: Krzysztof Kieslowski's look at crime and punishment in Poland is as bleak as the landscapes it was filmed against. The violence is immediate and feels very real.

Yvonne S (ca) wrote: Ah... ???... I love this show. I watched it when I was a child and had missed it all these years. Its got no cheesy special effects but so entertaining. Many thanks to Jorge for buying me the DVD.

Sarah W (nl) wrote: Great little giallo. Good plot and a cool Agatha Christie style finale. Not quite up there with Profondo Rosso and Torso, but getting there.

Chantelle H (mx) wrote: Amazing I like the bit were it is the military fairy it's hilarious you have to see it

Heather M (ru) wrote: Beautiful scenes, sweet and heartbreaking story, and the perfect ending. The big detractor in this movie was Bosworth and her awful "acting".

Evan M (br) wrote: A decent, well done spin on the "disturbed son living with his abusive/controlling mother" that doesn't pretend to be anything else. Dated & silly at times (i.e., music, wardrobes) but also creepy & disturbing (the first victim). Dan Grimaldi (Patsy Parisi on The Sopranos) is convincing in his naivety and plays the "lost child in a man's body" very convincingly. An underrated gem that still has its own vibe

Walter B (it) wrote: I read the book shortly after I saw the movie in the theater. Aside from the names of the characters, the book was nothing like the movie or should I say the movie was nothing like the book. This is typical of most movies, though. It (the movie) falls short of the book.None-the-less, I thought the movie was a fun watch. I would watch it again since it has been years since I last saw it on TV. I also recommend reading the book. It is a good read,as well.

Yelsew Z (it) wrote: really boring... too much recycled material... had to skip huge chunks because of dullness.