Occupied Cascadia

Occupied Cascadia


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Occupied Cascadia torrent reviews

WS W (gb) wrote: Dur cuire mais drle.

Irene R (it) wrote: wonderful and made for less than 228 Million!

Lucas N (mx) wrote: Though I want to love it, this movie just can not do enough to keep me invested.

Lori B (it) wrote: What? What's up with the terrible ratings? If you've never worked as a server or in the food industry, you're likely to miss the hilarious portrayal of the characters. This is one of my favorite movies, I had never heard of Ryan Reynolds before this, and am very surprised it took so long for him to make it where he is today.Cheesy acting, but the stereotypes are dead on, from the lady that complains at the table, down to the self important restaurant manager.5 stars from me.

Selina E (us) wrote: Luv this film, it was 1 of my mums fave's and Michael Caine is fab in it, so funny

Bryan G (us) wrote: Ernest laughing was the funniest part of the movie. Also the story was decently written. Besides that the movie wasn't that funny, dragged a bit and is very predictable. Also the parachuting turtles was too unrealistic, even for a movie like this.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: I found this film to be artistically interesting for most of the journey there is a real heart and beauty about this film