Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven is the 'Rat-Pack' comedy about robber Danny Ocean and his gang's attempt to rob the five biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

Danny Ocean gathers a group of his World War II compatriots to pull off the ultimate Las Vegas heist. Together the eleven friends plan to rob five Las Vegas casinos in one night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alisi M (ru) wrote: Really emotional and great :) The way Kimberly Williams-Paisley portrayed the intense emotions really bought you an intimate look into what the Amish mothers might have experienced

Charles R (us) wrote: shameless zombie flick, b-movie perfect for zombie addicts, obviously better than the first... dont know why this is a "sequel" ...whatever

Cosmin I (ru) wrote: I had fun but the plot is ridiculous to the point of pulling you out of the movie

Dann M (es) wrote: From director Kathryn Bigelow and writer James Cameron comes the cyberpunk thriller Strange Days. Set in the final days of 1999, a data trafficker is given a recording of a murder and must discover who is behind it and why. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore, and Michael Wincott, the film has an interesting cast that plays some peculiar characters. And, the aesthetic is rather unique with some intriguing future tech. However, the storytelling isn't that good; as it takes a long time to get going and is fairly convoluted. Additionally, Cameron recycles a lot of dystopian future tropes; such as a military state. Yet despite its problems, Strange Days delivers some exciting action and a compelling mystery.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: A few flaws but otherwise enjoyable movie, may be boring moments but only fleeting ones.

Sean C (kr) wrote: A terrible Conan rip off in which our hero uses the sword of justice? to regain the chalice of magic.? Add lots of breasts and blood and you have a winner.

Ramesh M (us) wrote: One of the classics in Indian Cinema. Amazing cast, excellent direction and great music.

Emma S (br) wrote: Is this just the music video? I don't think they made a film. In whch case - 80's awesomess!

James C (br) wrote: These early Fassbinders are sketchy - this is a kind of neo-noir mood piece, presenting a fragmented world of loneliness, brutality, crime and failed relationships. It's intriguing that Fassbinder used a post-war American form (film noir) to represent late 60s democratic Germany, as if the fractured society at the close of WWII had never been healed or resolved. The music on the backscore is beautifully used, making the film into a kind of motion picture requiem. But it's pretty slow and doesn't seem fully developed.

Benji G (kr) wrote: A funny, intriguing, and compelling ride that ends with somewhat of a whimper.

Pavle M (nl) wrote: So bad it's good and hilarious.