After a family visit, stressed businesswoman Senga Wilson (Madeleine Stowe) is driving with her rebellious daughter, Nat (Mischa Barton), down an ominous highway in the middle of the night. After they pick up a weird teenage hitchhiker (Bijou Phillips), their journey goes awry. Nat decides to give her mom the slip and runs off with the hitchhiker at a rest stop. In a desperate search to find her daughter, Senga learns that Nat has been drawn into an evil cult.

While on a late night road trip home, a woman must save her rebellious teenage daughter who runs off with a bizarre group of blood-letting psychos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Octane torrent reviews

Megan N (us) wrote: Wow. This movie was so bad that I have to keep myself from just saying "THIS MOVIE FREAKIN' SUCKED." and leaving it at that. I don't even know why I watched it. Boredom, I guess. It's about a 30-foot hybrid of a cobra/rattlesnake that gets loose from, I don't know, a biolab I guess, how clich. How the heck it got so big, the movie doesn't say. It just has a lab being 'sploded in the first 10 minutes of the movie.. that's it. Then cue people randomly dying. The entire movie is basically made out of 10 minutes scenes of someone standing in the open, and the snake "sneaking" up on them making TONS OF HISSING AND RATTLING NOISES and they don't notice. And then, you see the mouth and fangs of the most horribly articulated sorry-excuse for a puppet snake I've ever seen in my life and then.. they die. IT IS [b]STUPID. [/b]I'd just like the stress that. And might I add, there were lots of plotholes. LOTS AND LOTS of plotholes. I hate plotholes. Therefore, I hate this movie. Why the Dish Network critics gave it more stars than Indiana Jones is beyond me. I've seen a black and white movie about incubus and succubus in another language and it was better than this crap. I recommend that you DO NOT see this movie, or you might just go kill yourself.. or throw your remote into the television.. or something like that.

Neil G (jp) wrote: The man myth and legend

Nurul I (jp) wrote: i love romantic films

Ron S (nl) wrote: Typically when you see Johnny Knoxville, you think "Jackass." That's a shame because he does a great job acting in "Grand Theft Parsons," based on a true story about Phil Kaufman and Gram Parsons. If you love music, or perhaps get intrigued by hearses and mahogany coffins, check it out.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Standard film, mediocre, nothing further, worth one watch or two.

Jack C (br) wrote: Just saw this film on Amazon Prime. A pleasant surprise. Very different but outstanding performance by Will Ferrell.

Carl C (jp) wrote: One of my favorites. Elvis, Caan, Cage, et al...pure beauty.

Chris T (ag) wrote: This is quite possibly the worst movie ever made. Not just about the US Army, I'm talking about in the history of movies. Tommy Lee Jones should bury his head in shame that he participated in this disaster.

Dan D (es) wrote: The best star wars ripoff of July 1983.

Melanie D (it) wrote: Obviously the special effects are really dated, and the acting is, for the most part, dire - but it's still good fun.

Heather N (us) wrote: Engrossing movie with good acting.

Diganta B (fr) wrote: ??? ????, ???? ???? :(