October Baby

October Baby

OCTOBER BABY is the coming of age story of a beautiful and naive college freshman who discovers that her entire life is a lie and sets out on a road trip with a host of misfits to discover herself and the answers she craves.

A college freshman's world is rocked when she learns she is the adopted survivor of an attempted foeticide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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YK G (ag) wrote: Good acting and accuracy aside, there's just not enough drama between Clinton and Blair to sustain the show.

Kw L (de) wrote: Saw it. 1 star for drama, 5 stars for action. So, average is 2.5 stars.

Bryan M (ru) wrote: This is just striaght porn for me!!

Natasha M (jp) wrote: An interesting and accessible version of King Lear.

Ed B (it) wrote: One of my favorite Big G movies, because it's everything a Godzilla movie is supposed to be!

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Michael A (au) wrote: Ransom Of Red Chief with Hitmen. Two wildly different hitmen elder professional Mr. Cohen and bloodthristy upstart Mr. Tate are assigned to bring back a nine year old mob witness who right from the get go knows that these two hold each other in great animosity and begins to use that to his advantage. C&T is a decent thriller that only tends to stumble with some overacting on young Harley Cross' part.

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Paul D (ag) wrote: While Rosanna Arquette and Madonna are fun to watch in this, the story is not that polished. It is mildly amusing with a few chuckles, but it never turns into the comedy that it desperately wants to be.

Lucas B (ag) wrote: This was pretty strange, I'll give it that for sure.

Grant S (it) wrote: Only for Francis Ford Coppola fans. Not a great movie. Francis Ford Coppola's 5th movie as director, and he clearly had not reached anywhere near the heights of his craft yet. The fact that the movie is produced by Roger Corman, the king of B-grade schlock/horror gives more away than the fact that Coppola is writer/director.Plot is weak and haphazard and the pacing is uneven. Cinematography is quite bad. Shooting in black-and-white might be the ideal way to film a crime-thriller, but any advantage in mood is entirely negated by the poor picture, especially texture, quality.Audio quality is appalling. There is a constant hum during the entire movie. Not often one even notices audio quality, and this was particularly irritating.Performances are mostly decent. A few over-actors but nothing too bad.On the plus side, there is a decent feeling of suspense and "whodunnit?". Coppola manages to sustain an air of mystery about the characters, despite the uneven pacing.Only worth watching if, like me, you're a Francis Ford Coppola fan and feel compelled to watch all his movies.

Jesse M (gb) wrote: Classic Bette Davis...great story and terrific acting...another I've seen many, many time...loved it!

Buddy C (es) wrote: Forget consensus what is the movie about.

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