Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

Four students who work on different jobs during their vacations in summer are tired of doing the same thing every year. Therefore they decide to open up a moving company together and confront themselves with the former boss of one of them.

Four students who work on different jobs during their vacations in summer are tired of doing the same thing every year. Therefore they decide to open up a moving company together and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (ca) wrote: A Dog's Purpose is voor dierenliefhebbers die makkelijk kunnen vergeven hoe ongeloofwaardig dit verhaal precies, en gewoon kunnen genieten van het misleidende sentiment.

Nate J (gb) wrote: So, this movie is pretty creepy. It brings on a skin crawling that I've not had from a movie in a long time. Unfortunately, there's not much of a great story to go with it. Which is shame, because the scare factor is CERTAINLY there.

Thomas M (de) wrote: I'm surprised that this movie has such a low rating. Believers should really see this movie. Maybe I missed the point of the movie, but as a believer it makes me wonder how much of American Christianity parallels our capitalistic economy. And should it? Is the U.S. church engaging in the sin of simony? I wish the movie would have ended with the selfless act rather than where it does. I won't tell you as it will spoil it if you go to see it. The movie is worth a look.

Jim F (de) wrote: Ahh, what a lovely dose of innercity British street culture. The characters in this movie went on to star in the 2011 London summer riots. And although this kind of culture represents everything i hate about Britain, the movie was surprisingly good

Janice V (nl) wrote: An intelligent, suspenseful, well acted, beautifully shot film. Canadian Politics 101 with a slightly, only slightly, paranoid twist. Well worth watching.

Jim H (au) wrote: Drag actor Ned Kynaston's career is ruined when Charles II reopens the theaters and allows women to appear on stage.The historical inaccuracies of this film are distracting, but the performances by Billy Crudup and Claire Danes make the film worth watching. Crudup captures how Ned Kynaston's gender confusion extends both on stage and in his personal life, and his scenes with Danes are compelling.What holds this film back, more than its inability to capture the spirit of its time the way The Libertine did, is the film's inability to fully explore how sexually and gender interact with societal constraints. The film could be saying that gender and sexuality are socially constructed, but this theme doesn't reach fruition.Overall, I dislike this film mostly because of its wasted potential.

Mark K (it) wrote: Decent story that was ok, but the acting was less so. Although corny and mostly ridicolous it was actually enjoyable. Just quit thinking for one hour and a half.

Hector C (br) wrote: una excelente pelicula comica

Deb S (es) wrote: Tom Hanks plays a rich Harvard snob Lawrence Bourne III, a Yalie with an upper-crust accent who joins the Peace Core to escape his gambling debts. Once on the plane, however, he has second thoughts and as soon as he gets off the plane, Lawrence literally goes down on his knees and begs the leader to send him back. But his pleas go in vain. Things begin to look up when an attractive fellow Corps woman, Beth (Rita Wilson) is assigned to the same village, along with an over-zealous but good-hearted engineer, Tom Tuttle from Tacoma, Washington (played by John Candy). However, Beth won't give him the time of day and Tom is a royal pain in the ass nevertheless the trio gets immersed in an elaborate scheme to build a bridge. Hanks and Candy are very humorous while Gedde Watanabe plays a local named Toon, a fast-talking kid who went to an American School in Bangkok who helps Hanks and Candy communicate with his people. Lawrence ends up building the bridge, but then realizes that it was a dreadful mistake, as he comes face to face with brainwashed Communists, deviant drug pushers and John Reynolds, as the crazed CIA operative, who names his Bowie knife "Mike." A piece of trivia for you to digest: It was on this movie set that Tom Hanks won the heart of his second wife Rita Wilson and the duo are still married to date.

Allan C (kr) wrote: This was and still is one of my favorite childhood films of the 80s, which made is why it was even more exciting when I read that Joss Whedon has cited this film as a big influence for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A comet passes by earth and turns most of the human population into red dust (a few are turned into zombie mutants). Catherine Mary Stewart, of "The Last Straighter" fame, and her sister Kelli Maroney wake up after the comet has passed to an empty Los Angeles and then proceed to do what most 1980s teenagers would do. They go to the radio station and spin records. They go to the mall. They shoot stuff up with guns. Therein lies the charm of this film, that it's a teenage fantasy version of the end-of-the-world and it works quite well on that level. There are some bad guys along the way, though my favorites are the stock boys at the mall. "Why, just a few days ago,we were only stock boys. Now we own the store." The film's color palate and production designs really pop in a fun way, and the soundtrack is deliciously 80s. The film came at the tail end of 70s/80s apocalyptic end-of-the-world films like "The Omega Man" and "Dawn of the Dead" but it's the only one that I can remember actually being fun. Most all of these film were either social polemics like "Soylent Green" or "Logan's Run" or they were evolving into grim warriors of the wasteland stories like "The Road Warrior" or "Escape from New York." That's not a bad a thing and some of those are my all-time favorite genre films, but this one stands out as something unique among these films. Thom Eberhardt wrote and directed this film and sadly never made anything else all that memorable outside of the underrated "Without a Clue" (unless you're a fan of "Captain Ron" that is). Overall, this is a wildly fun film, though I will admit that childhood nostalgia may be a factor in my love of this film.

Alyssa E (gb) wrote: This is one of those movies that motivates me to be a better person, no matter where I am in life. One of Julie Walters' best performances, as well as Michael Caine's. The music constists of pure synthesizer but the melodies are great. I'm sure they'd sound great if they were played by actual instruments ha ha ha. A great set of stories interwinding together, I loved it. One of my top ten favorites.

Rolando M (br) wrote: A slice of life in the mid 70s. Classic.

William W (it) wrote: Though perhaps the downright shock of the original had been missing, there is nothing wrong in this fine sequel.One of Vincent Price's best roles. Unmissable for Price enthusiasts.

Ryan P (jp) wrote: Amazing, heartfelt movie. Vittorio De Sica named it as his favourite of all his pictures. He even dedicated it to his father. Again, his use of ''non-professional'' actors is not noticeable. The performances were uniformly excellent. I loved the score, the direction and most of all, the story. *SPOILER, I guess* It had a beautiful ending - the last 28 minutes or so contrasted the last 2 minutes...thank God. Really worth checking out.

Millo T (it) wrote: This documentary was very shocking in its time: in that period, Spanish Republic wanted to bring to the little villages the basic education and services many of them lacked. Then, the documentary showed the isolated region of Hurdes, where the lack of iodine in water made that most of its inhabitants suffered cretinism and subsequent mental handicap. That, together with the poverty of the villages themselves, made Hurdes a dramatic region where to live, with people sick along the streets, and a great delay compared with the rest of the world. As an example of how Spain has changed from those times, help was brought to Hurdes (mainly because of the documentary) and now it is a normally developed region in Spain.

Christian M (mx) wrote: A very transformative role for Tom Hanks