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Odessa in fiamme

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Allan C (kr) wrote: Better than the first, but still unenjoyable. Couldn't decide if this was a slasher film, a chase film, torture porn, a siege movie, or dark comedy. Aside from a compelling lead, nothing special here.

Jason A (us) wrote: My first impression wasn't very good. Granted I did not finish the movie so it really isn't a fair rating. Perhaps I will watch it later and change my mind.

whitney g (es) wrote: I was watching it and the internet went out~ (C)

Shara P (fr) wrote: I honestly don't understand the hate towards this clever film. A movie about bees that actually sends out a positive message to kids. How is there so much hate? And it is actually really funny. Some scenes are so unexpected and hilarious (like when her plane crashes into the rock ledge ) the lines are clever and had a lot of adult humor. Very cute and entertaining the whole way through. Gives you the bees perspective in a humorous way. Move on from the basic bit** "Frozen" hype and give this movie a try.

Kris S (br) wrote: a bunch of short stories about diff. people when 9/11 happened... i didnt think it was that great.

Wendy S (ru) wrote: Great images of cambodia, predictable ending.

Lisa K (fr) wrote: I really was intrigued by this film. It was an extremely well-acted and well-filmed portrayal of the danger and ultimate tragedy of extreme religion. It was an exceptionally critical look at Orthodox Judaism, and the relationship/dialogue between the two female leads was at the core of the issue. I thought that the story itself was well-written, but the dialogue could have been a little bit more engaging. All in all, a really interesting film with an outstanding ending.

James H (ru) wrote: You can?t go wrong watching one of the Francis the talking mule films. Light and enjoyable entertainment, helped immesurably by the presence of Donald O?Connor. Great fun.

James S (ag) wrote: Saw this as a kid and was terrified! Its really good. Worth a watch.

Aidan C (jp) wrote: Cliched and boring, Inkheart is not worth spending more than a sentence on.

Pante S (mx) wrote: One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It captures the soul of Brando, his struggles, fears and desires. Tapes are extremely personal and they show us real Marlon, behind the Stanislavski's System, just a nice guy - A rebel with a cause.

Dominic C (nl) wrote: Muppets From Space is easily my least favorite of the theatrical Muppet movies. Of course that's like saying your least favorite hobby. I still love it. The premise of making Gonzo the star is pleasant. The characters are their usual lovable selvesand scenes with Miss Piggy as a reporter, and Rizzo and Pepe's dialogues make it quite funny. Using Muppets Tonight characters was good as it took Muppets who had yet to become as famous as Kermit, Piggy, and Fozzie and giving them a chance. They are entertaining characters particuarly a affable mad scienist the villain has recruited to remove Gonzo's brain. The humor is good in most places particularly spy weapons Bunsen gives the Muppets to help them save Gonzo. However there are a couple of legitimate flaws which is something I couldn't say for the other movies. Gonzo being an alien isn't a great idea in my opinion as Gonzo was supposed to be his own creature, but luckily Muppet movies don't have a canon so whether or not he's an alien is debatable. There are no original songs and just playing 70's songs seems a bit lazier and takes away some creativity from the other Muppet movies. There is a bit of lower level humors (nose picking and such)that doesn't come up to the level of the original movies. However like the other movies it's still an enjoyable movie families should enjoy.

Sara P (gb) wrote: This should've been funny, but it wasn't. Blah.